Tips To Import MBOX Files To Outlook
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Important Tips To Import MBOX Files To Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010


An amazing solution to Convert MBOX to PST format easily and import MBOX file to Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 13/10/07. It enables the user to save MBOX as PST format with their data items for Outlook in few moments. Now, quickly convert MBOX to PST format and directly import MBOX files to Outlook i.e. MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. It helps you to open your MBOX files in Outlook in quick conversion steps.

This simple tool allows you to export multiple MBOX files into PST format which can be easily accessed by MS Outlook of any version.

Introduction to MBOX & PST Format

MBOX is the simple file format to store the email messages on the hard drive of the system. It is the basic file format which is supported by various email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Sea Monkey, Eudora, Entourage, Apple Mail, etc. these are the most popular email client which is widely used to by the users. MBOX file format is actually supported by more than 25+ email clients.

While MS Outlook is the most trusted email client which is widely used by users who are provided by well-known company Microsoft. It primarily supports the two file format i.e. OST and PST file format. PST file format is primarily supported by MS Outlook.

Therefore, MBOX file format is supported by different email client but not by Outlook and similarly, Outlook supported PST and OST file format and not supported to MBOX format. To import the MBOX format into MS Outlook 2019, the user needs to convert the MBOX file into PST format then it can be imported into MS Outlook easily.

For successful conversion of the MBOX file into PST format user require to use the third party tool which can easily migrate the MBOX file format into PST format. There is a manual option is also available which can import the MBOX file into Outlook. But I recommend you to use the third party tool which can convert the MBOX data into PST format without any error.

Manual Technique to Import MBOX file into Outlook

If you are choosing the manual technique to convert the MBOX files into PST format then it will convert your MBOX data into PST format. But the manual process sometimes leads to the data loss or corruption of the MBOX file. The main disadvantage for the conversion of MBOX files into PST is that the manual process is time taking process. Be careful while doing the conversion of file format and take the backup of your original data before taking any action.

Follow the given steps to convert the MBOX file into PST Format: –

  • Firstly, configure your Thunderbird account by using IMAP.
  • Import the MBOX file in the same configured account of Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Then create a new folder and move MBOX data items into a new folder by using a drag and drop method.
  • Now, close your Thunderbird application and Open your Outlook and configure the same email account.
  • Now, click on the Send/Receive button and download all the data of MBOX file into PST format.

This method of synchronization will help you to retrieve the MBOX messages on Outlook by using the IMAP.

Import MBOX File in Outlook by Using MBOX to PST Converter

For the safe and secure conversion of MBOX files into PST format you can go with the third party tool. Here, we recommend you to use the best utility MBOX to PST Converter which can efficiently migrate the MBOX file data into PST format.

Follow the few simple steps to convert the MBOX to PST format: –

  • Download the ZOOK MBOX to PST Converter.
  • Install and run the application on the system.
  • Select the MBOX file or multiple MBOX files containing folder to convert it into PST format.
  • Click on “Browse” to select the destination folder to store the resultant file in the system.
  • Now, the last step is to click on Convert.

Finally, it converts the multiple MBOX files into PST format in 3 step process. After the successful conversion process, it stores the resultant MBOX files at the selected location in the system. Now user can easily import MBOX file to MS Outlook 2019.

Main Aspects of MBOX to PST Converter

  • It offers the “Batch Mode” which is capable to export the multiple MBOX files into PST format in few seconds. It is time savvy for users by exporting the large numbers of MBOX files to PST format.
  • It also has the feature of “Multiple Selection” by which it can offer to select the desired MBOX file or select all the MBOX file and convert them into PST format.
  • It is capable to maintain the File structure of MBOX email messages into PST format after the migration of email messages from one format to another.
  • It is the complete solution for users to convert the email messages and their corresponding attachments of MBOX format into PST format.
  • The best feature of the MBOX to PST converter is that it supports all the MBOX files created by different MBOX based email clients. It is the perfect solution which can easily convert any MBOX file into PST format.

Note: This tool is also available as a freeware solution which can offer you to migrate 25 emails from MBOX files to PST format. It is so easy tool to handle the data of MBOX files into MS Outlook 2019, 2016, etc.


In this tutorial, some effective techniques are discussed above to export the email data of MBOX files into PST format. It will give two types of methods to resolve the problem of importing MBOX data into Outlook 2019, 2016.

One is the manual method and the second one is by using the Technical method. It hopefully resolves all the issues related to the migration of MBOX files into PST format.