6 Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas

6 Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas


Creating a large gift basket with all the necessities with your guests is sure to be fun and desiring just to wish the wed-to-be’s bride and groom. Begin by buying a large basket and add tulle or organza for a wonderful look. You can delegate gift ideas to the varied guests or with a number of close friends. Pick the right items for your bridal shower gift basket and wrap some of the products in cute papers, while placing some out in the open. Furthermore, buy cellophane from a gift-wrapping shop or Online Gifts and tie the entire thing together.

Then, the bridal shower gift basket you have created can also act as a beautiful centerpiece during the celebration.

1. Gardening Gift Basket

Gaining into marital bliss often stands for plain moving for couples to wed. When he or she decided to move into a house with a yard and the couple has shown favour in planting, then the best gift to give them is a gardening gift basket. It should be packed with a few flowering plants, gardening tools, seedlings, magazines, and books. Also, adding interesting cute garden-oriented ornaments, a pair of rubber-boots and some cute pots will complete the whole package.

2. Monogram Gift Basket

For couples who favor seeing their new initials in products, you may try to give them a monogrammed towel. Also, you can add it to silk pajamas. For a fact, anything can be proudly engraved with the couple’s personalized monogram.

3. Romantic Night In Gift Basket

To achieve a romantic mood, you can give the bride a romantic CD or sexy lingerie. You can, also, add in some decadent chocolates, scented candles, a bottle of wine and massage oil to please her.

4. Honeymoon Gift Basket

Let the bride plan her honeymoon by sending her the best in a beautiful passport case, swimwear, jewelry, footwear and other items that pertains to her travel destination. It can, also, be a traveling book, a movie that is going on in that place or a language learning dictionary.

5. Spa Night Gift Basket

Everybody would love a quiet night in. Why not treat the couple with silky lotions, wonderfully scented soaps, creams, bubble baths, and oils. Moreover, some spa items such as a pedicure set or even a foot whirlpool will make the couple be happy.

6. Gourmet Chef Gift Basket

For a bride who loves to cook, you may give her products related to cooking. You can, also, bring the theme a step further by picking a particular aspect of cuisine like baking, breakfast, or even herbs. Buy everything you can find about the subject like pretty pans or bowls, cookbooks, artisan additions, and an apron.

Lastly, creating extra-clever bridal shower gift baskets together can be really entertaining and fun. Though, be sure to check on your budget to get the ultimate experience. Go on an adventure of creating a wedding gift basket with some of your close friends or get the whole crowd involved. Also, you can even choose a gift basket theme, wherein your friends will be segregated into groups of three or four to gather a special basket.

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