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Know How to Fix Error “Outlook PST Could Not Be Found”


Microsoft Outlook is a persuasive email service in recent time. It is built with a powerful mechanism which makes it an unbeatable brand in the globe. Like any other email service, it doesn’t easily surrender against error and it very difficult to breach its security. But no technology is error-free, even with the high-security errors manages to enter into the ground of this service. It has a very complex mechanism, hence the errors are also not easy in nature. The various type of error occurs due to a different reason, it becomes though to use Outlook without getting errors.

Outlook runs on mainly two file formats and one is PST. It is important to file for Outlook users, for the smooth running of Outlook you need a healthy PST file. Most of the time, errors come due to issue in PST file and one such error is “Outlook PST could not be found”. It arises when Outlook fails to find or fetch the PST file

Inaccessibility of PST file depends on various factors. There is a number of reasons which pushes PST file into the distant state. You need to figure out the cause behind this issue which triggered it. One possible reason is the clash between Outlook and other installed software, moreover, this clash can corrupt the PST file. If PST file reached to its maximum limits, it can also cause corruption in PST file.

Other factors such as the existence of viruses and malicious software on the system, sudden shutdown of the Outlook and inadequate shutdown of the device can all lead to the corruption of the PST file.

Fix Outlook PST Cannot be Found Error

There is a number of the method by which you can get rid of this error. We have described the top 3 methods which are beneficial and effective at the same time.

Method 1

Create a new PST file

Creating a new PST file is one of the basic and effective methods which can be used to troubleshoot Outlook PST cannot be found an error. It obliges you to create a brand new PST file. You will have to follow these steps to create a new PST file, steps are given below:

  • Launch the MS Outlook and tap on the ‘Home’ button. 
  • Now hit on ‘New Items’ button.
  • Go to ‘More Items’ and press the ‘Outlook Data Files’ tab. ‘Create or Open Outlook Data File’. 
  • Give a desired name to the new PST file and click ‘OK’ button.

Method 2:

Repair PST using MS Inbox Repair Utility

Inbox Repair Utility has been offered by Microsoft comes inbuilt in Outlook. You can fix Outlook PST cannot be found an error with this tool. For using this tool, first, you need to open the software and find the corrupted PST file using Find option. After this, it will scan all the file available in the device and filter the damaged files and recover it as soon as possible.

Method 3

Repair corruption with third-party PST Repair software

If the above 2 methods fail to fix Outlook PST cannot be found an error, one last and the assured option is using third party PST repair tool. This method won’t disappoint you. Recovery PST recovery tool is highly recommended by experts when it comes to repairing PST file securely. It effortlessly repairs PST file in a safe fashion without affecting the data file quality.

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