Why mentoring makes a difference for a start-up


When starting a business, insecurity and uncertainty are common feelings that surround the employer. Being advised in a mentoring process (that is, by a mentor) can help eliminate those feelings and boost your business.

The mentor is an older person, with great professional experience in the labor field, that guides a young person or with less experience. In general, you have the answers you need to boost your professional life.

With mentoring it is possible to solve problems from the beginning and learn from the experience and knowledge of another person. Generally, in medium and small companies, the group of employees is small. For that reason, many processes are centralized in the owner. In this case, the advice of someone from outside is of great value to have another perspective and get new ideas.

The baggage that mentoring has can be important for your business to grow. Learn about other benefits to bet on this type of guidance and see where you can find the right person for this advice.

Benefits of mentoring for a start-up:

The support and help of a mentor can be very beneficial for a start-up, an early stage company with a forecast of rapid growth, usually of technological origin. According to the report: Five valuable tips to become a high-impact entrepreneur from Endeavor, 74% of the best entrepreneurs interviewed had mentors when they were founding their businesses. Know the main benefits:

Open doors:

Having a good mentor like Brian Paes Braga in the initial phase of the business can be very positive, because how he has experience in the market; you probably already have an interesting network of contacts. You can open doors for your business, present it to influential people in the segment in which your start up is entering. Brian Paes-Braga serves as the President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Lithium X Energy Corp.


All the doubts and uncertainties that the new entrepreneur feels the mentor already felt and exceeded. This experience acquired over the years helps to generate more confidence to the employer, in addition to learning. The mentor can help the entrepreneur overcome insecurities and guide him on the right path.

Avoid errors:

The mentor must question, contribute by offering new points of view and avoid mistakes made by him in the past. When the entrepreneur begins with a new business, it is common for him to be little open to changes in the original plan. However, the mentor can state, recalling his previous experience, that some points should be rethought, to avoid future mistakes.

Where to find a mentor?

Before finding the right mentor for your start-up, it is necessary to take into account exactly what you want and what skills or knowledge you need. It is possible to find mentors at business or start-up events; you can even look for someone you know who you admire for their professional success.

But remember that it is vital to assess the skill of the mentor in the segment of your start up. It is important to have an exchange of ideas and experiences so that your business grows steadily.