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How is HR Management System Helping Staffing Agencies in Dubai?


In the past managing, the office work was difficult because the whole system was not computerized. This was the reason that businesses faced many difficulties like synchronization of various departments and taking hours to complete a process.

But today the staffing agencies in Dubai are using the automated system of human resource management to organize the daily, weekly and monthly tasks. As more and more people know about this technology, they are introducing it in their companies.

Defining the System of HR Management:

The HR management system is a type of software that combines different management systems that are used by businesses and companies. There is a whole bundle of software and systems that make up this. But each business and company uses selected ones that they want. The system is designed in such a way that each of the systems does its individual task and never interferes with the job of the other.

Advantages to Staffing Agencies in Dubai:

If you the head of a staffing agency and want to install a system that takes care of all the management issues, then you need to have a human resource management system. But before you do so you must know the benefits that it has;

Complete Knowledge of the Staff:

The information about previous, current and to be employees can be saved in this system. This data that is entered contains;

  1. Personal profile
  2. Previous employment details
  3. Current duty assigned
  4. Check on the progress

Enrolling the Right Candidate:

A pre-installed recruiting system is prepared so that the manager can look at the vacancies, announce them and allocate jobs to others. The bio of candidates that apply for a job goes through this structure and the most appropriate applicant is selected.

Authentic Judgment and Acknowledgement:

The element of human error can ruin even the most efficient management. The management of any company can enter data concerning the duties that are assigned to staff members. It then monitors the tasks done and left.

Managing Payrolls:

Managing pays of the employees can be a difficult job because there are many things to consider.

  1. Are all the employees are getting the pay?
  2. The pay is paid on time.
  3. The right amount is given.

In-house Communication:

As discussed earlier different departments had difficulty is communicating with each other in the past. But companies are now using HR management systems to make this gap squeeze and connecting the various branches together.

Unique Soft is one of many companies that develop this software to assist companies in HR management.

Modules of the HR Management System:

The whole system of HR management consists of various modules, each of which serves a different purpose. Various businesses use those modules that deliver the desired function.  There are several modules that are available to choose from. The following are the ones which are the most popular;

Organizational Management:

A company can fill in information in a pre-designed module that has business processes, compliance obligations and various templates to keep the company organized. It becomes easy for the management to maintain the records of the organization.

Application Management:

This system helps the business to monitor and record the candidates apply for jobs. It tracks the activity of different recruitment platforms, websites and other boards for the right candidate. It then makes it easier for the companies to shortlist, interview and hire the correct applicant.

Employment Management:

This database collects and saves the information of the employees working in a corporation. The personal data, history of employment and other important data is stores and then converged to a single point from where it can be accessed at anytime and from everywhere.

Workplace Management:

The daily tasks assigned to the employees are added to this system. This software assists the manager to manage the whole workplace.

Benefit Management:

At times it becomes difficult for the management to keep track of the benefits that the company is giving to the staff members. The system is designed in such a way that the profit sharing, insurance, recruitment and compensation of each employee arehandled easily.

Payroll Management:

The services that the payroll management system offers are diversified. It includes automated axe computations, accounting module, configurable rule-based engine, reporting tool, frequent audit and tabular data storage.

Timesheet Management:

It enables the company to keep an eye on the where about of its employees. The time of their arrival and departure, off days they have taken and also early leaves are noted to ensure that fair pay is given to them.

Performance Management:

The HR manager can assign various tasks to the employees by using this software system. It can also help the management see the daily, weekly, quarterly and monthly progress of the staff.

It must be clear to you by now the reasons behind the use of this system by staffing agencies in Dubai. The various benefits that it has and the different modules offered are the main cause of its popularity.

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