hip replacement surgery cost in india

Hip Replacement Surgery: What Should You Know And Is It Effective?


Hip replacement surgery eradicates damaged or ailed parts of a hip joint and they replace them with fresh, man-made parts. The aims of hip replacement surgery are to relieve the pain, help the hip joint to work better, and enhance walking and other types of movements.

The risks of issues after hip replacement surgery are much lower than they were once. If you have made up your mind to go for this surgery then you can find out Hip replacement surgery cost in India first.

People generally spend one to four days in the hospital after the procedure of hip replacement surgery. It takes time of three to six months to get completely well. Certainly, an exercise program could diminish joint pain and even that stiffness.

However, wearing away of the joint surface could turn out to be a problem after fifteen to twenty years, and can require replacement of the joint.

What really is hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement surgery (or hip arthroplasty) is an important surgical procedure.  In this procedure, the hip joint gets replaced with an artificial joint. It is done to relieve the patient from painful and stiff joints. This surgery is generally preferred as a last resort, in simple words, it is performed once other treatments fail.

Many individuals are apprehensive about undergoing a hip replacement surgery and their worry is justified. Joints are critical in the body since they are the ones who help you move around. Since hip is in an important location for all primary leg movements, requires additional attention when talking about a surgical decision.

Hip replacement surgery diminishes damaged or ailed parts of a hip joint and then replaces them with fresh, man-made parts. The main goals of hip replacement surgery are like:

  • To improve walking and other movements.
  • To relieve pain.
  • To help the hip joint work well.

The general procedure

A regular hip replacement surgery makes use of metal, plastic or even ceramic parts. The ball at the end of femur gets replaced to fit the hip socket. Damaged cartilage also gets replaced with fresh material.

The implant

In a total hip replacement surgery, the implant that gets placed within the body is made up of the following parts: liner, socket, stem and even a ball. When all the areas are aligned in a proper manner, free movement gets possible.

The “bearing” areas, wherein the connected parts slide and rotate around each other are vital for the success of the surgery performed. Great connections are going to allow free movements in the artificial joint and hence help the required flexibility and mobility.

Surgery and related things

A hip replacement surgery would last for nearly one to two hours. A single incision of nearly seven inches is formed on one side of the hip to eradicate the damaged bone tissue and cartilage. Then the replacement gets made with artificial prosthetic parts.  Minimal invasive surgery for a hip replacement gets also done wherein incisions made are lesser that facilitates shorter recovery period as well.

All hip replacement surgeries do use cemented or un-cemented parts. Cemented parts are associated with the healthy bone of the patient with the help of cement or special glue. When talking about the un-cemented parts, biologic fixation is what grips them in place.

Biologic fixation includes growing of the natural bones into that of the pores of the un-cemented parts. A combo of a cemented femur part and a corresponding un-cemented acetabular part could also get used for the surgery.

What should be the preparation?

It is important that you research about the operation and then choose the best surgeon. Good hospitals and doctors are a must for a chief surgery like that of the hip replacement surgery.  It is important that you get all your queries answered by the concerned surgeon and only then you would be informed about what to expect and what not.

Once you know how they are going to perform the tasks, what would be the time duration and other associated things; you can make sure that your body is fit and effective. And remember a complete hip replacement surgery requires a sufficient amount of recovery time.  

Thus, it is time that you talk to professionals and also checks out Hip replacement surgery cost in India for your replacement procedure. If you have any issue with your hip area then you have to talk about it before it’s too late. You have no idea how it can turn out to be painful and disastrous.

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