Best Cancer Doctor in Gurgaon

What to know about Prostate Cancer detection?

PSA (Prostate specific antigen) is considered to be a substance created by the cells present within the prostate gland. It develops mainly in semen and also in blood. The best cancer doctors in Gurgaon are sure to diagnose and provide the best available treatment helping the patient to lead a...

Liver transplant cost in India

Located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen liver has different functions. An important role is the production of bile, which ensures better absorption of fats in the intestine. Salts and breakdown products from blood (bilirubin) are also transported to the intestine via the bile. The bile produced is stored in the gallbladder via the bile ducts in the liver. The liver also produces important proteins that the body needs. This includes cholesterol, protein components for hemoglobin (the substance that carries the oxygen in the blood), proteins that are...

What Is Liver Cancer And Can It Be Treated?

Talking about cancer, it is a dangerous health condition and if not treated in time, can prove to be fatal. Have you ever heard of liver cancer? It is a kind of cancer that begins in the liver. Some cancers are also there that grow outside the liver and scatter to the area. However, only those cancers that begin in the liver are known as liver cancer. Certainly, once you know about this type of cancer, its treatments and liver cancer treatment cost in India, you can start your treatment....