Best Robotics Companies in World


Robotic invention is defining intelligence in its own brilliant style. More and more robots are being created with each passing day. The heavy presence of robots in the world today are as a result of countless robotic companies that manufactures them. This article seeks to identify the best Robotic Companies in operation today.

With notable developments and advances in place, we unleash you a list of the top performing robotics companies in the world with a huge potential to transform this space.


iRoboticsRobot is a company founded in 1Solutions990 by a number of MIT graduates. It produces meant for military defense and space explorations. There most outstanding product so far is the Roomba Vacuuming Robot, a mopping robot.


It was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in Singapore, with operational branches extending to Hong Kong, India, Germany, Japan and the UAE. It manufactures advanced robotic softwares for logistics and supply chain management.

3.Epson Robots.

This is regarded as the King of industrial robots. It is behind the invention of the World’s first PC-based controller named the RC520. They also own the SCARA robots, ranked second in list of robots with best performances.

4.Rethink Robotics

They are the best in collaborative robots arena. Robots were only handled by skilled technicians until Rethink launched their inaugural collaborative robot named Baxter in December 2012.The company has then redefined the robot market and investment strategies.

5.Alphabet Inc

This is a robotic company owned by Google. There major success so far was the invention of driverless cars in 2009. The first test drive on the robotic cars was held in 2017 and was successful, repainting the canvas of robotics market. Today, Alphabet Inc has acquired Schaft, Boston Dynamics and Nest stamping its authority in robotics.


This China based robotic company focuses more i on flying cameras stabilization systems which govern the camera motion and placement. They also have been involved in photography ensuring high end professional photo gray experience. It also manufactures robotic drones and aerial vehicles.

7.Autonomous Solutions.

They are the leading company in vendor-independent vehicle automation systems. Some of its clients are Anglo American, Rio Tinto Ford Motor Company, Luke Air Force as well as government agencies like LA Police Department.

Other highly rated government agencies like The FBI from US, CTU from the United Kingdom have also acquired vehicle automation systems from this company.

8.Locus Robotics

This a robotics company specialized in warehouse automation specialization. They have a famous tagline that says “We know a lot about robots. We also know a lot about the warehouse.”
This tagline clearly indicates their area of specialization.
Locus Robotics supports the evolving needs of the business industry. They also manufacture industrial robots that work alongside humans.


It started as a mechanical workshop by businessman Friedrich Schunk. The company is known for being the best in clamping technology. It is ranked at the top in gripping systems and hydraulic technology.

10.Vex Robotics

They manufacture educational problem solving tools. Vex Robotics focuses on STEM learning and come up with tools for problem solving. It produces robots that can easily be used by beginners. These tools can be applied in Engineering, Mathematics and Science.

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