Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Beginners


There was a time when Instagram was just a social media platform for sharing photos to your loved ones but today Instagram is one of the rapidly growing social media platforms for businesses purposes. Instagram now has more than 30+ Million Business profiles with 1 Billion monthly active users. Around 60+ million pictures are posted daily on Instagram having 1.6+ billion likes every day which is one of the reasons that it is the biggest social media platform all over the world. In this article, we would discuss some best Instagram Marketing tips for beginners to rapidly grow your business on Instagram as a beginner.

Instagram Marketing Tips:

Here are some of the best Instagram Marketing tips for beginners that can help you grow fast on Instagram:

Don’t post in excess:

Being an Instagram marketer, you probably post photos and videos of your products in your Instagram account. But keep one thing in mind that over-posting can cause problems for your business. Don’t post in excess as people follow many other accounts and if they watch only your post including photos or videos, they might get fed up of seeing your posts only in their feed and might unfollow you. So, there is a risk of getting unfollowed if you over the post. Post around 3-4 times a day at specific times. Analyze your audience when they get active more. Don’t post at the same time which may result in less engagement with the audience. Experts say that Sunday is the day when people get active more on Instagram results in higher engagements.

Promote on other social media platforms:

Whenever someone starts their business on Instagram, they start from zero and it is really hard for a businessman to build audience and followers in less time. However, nothing is impossible if you are consistent in achieving your goals. To gain followers, Simply ask your friends and family members to follow your business on Instagram. Moreover, spread your business across other social media platforms too to get more followers.

Update your audience:

Your engagement with your audience is the most important thing for the goodwill of your business. Update your audience with every latest news about your product in order to engage with them. Instagram stories would help you a lot in getting a higher engagement rate. Post some teasers of your upcoming products in order to attract your audience towards your products. In this way, the suspense would be created among the audience of your upcoming products which usually urge them to buy your products. An alternative for doing that is through using Instagram auto liker tool which is paid for getting real engagements with your audience automatically. In this way, the number of your visitors would soon turn into your followers.

Be Creative:

Instagram is a platform where now businesses are emerging rapidly. People prefer Instagram more for promoting their business but Sometimes your audience might get bored of exploring the same and old products pictures. In order to overcome this problem, be creative and most colorful, attractive and updated pictures of your products. In this way, your audience would be impressed by the posts and they might buy your product. You can also use Instagram stories which are really helpful for your business to attract your followers towards your products. Moreover, Post some teasers about your upcoming products. Also post some behind the scenes of your firm, for example, the pictures of your employee and the environment there, etc.


Hashtags are one of a great way to let your post go in front of a large number of people in order to get more engagements. Do some research on hashtags which are relevant to your posts and check which one is in trending before posting anything? for example #Car High Pressure Cleaning Tool is the the best choice for automobile cleaning toll which can provide great engagement. So when you find out your hashtag, use it in your posts which would definitely help you a lot in gain more organic reach. If you don’t find your hashtag, simply create your own hashtag. The number of hashtags Instagram allows us to use in a post is around thirty. But experts say that it is good to use around 11 hashtags per posts.

Above are the best Instagram Marketing tips for beginners everyone should know to help them grow their business fast. Follow these guidelines and take your business to the next level as these are very essential for your business.

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