Simple Few Hacks to Rank your Website
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Try These Amazing & Simple Few Hacks to Rank your Website


When it comes to ranking a website the very first thing that comes to our mind is SEO. Basically, it is a process of increasing the visibility of web pages to getting a higher rank in the search engine result pages or we can say that SERPs. What rings a bell when you see the expression “Search engine optimization”? Where do you concentrate all your vitality when you’re trying to enhance the SEO positioning of your website? There are various factors are responsible for ranking your website that will be described below and helps in driving the extensive traffic to your website.

And also there are many Digital Marketing Company in Amritsar are available that provides SEO for your website and helps to rank your website. In this article, you will meet with the numerous aspects of website usability and you will find the tricks on how to improve your website ranking. So read it carefully and try these techniques and you will definitely get results. So here are a few points you should definitely know to rank the website:

1. Write Unique and Long-form Content:

There is a correlation between longer content and high rankings. Consider topics that are especially applicable to your intended audience, at that point make a top to bottom blog entries that cover each edge of that subject. A few studies have been done on how long your content ought to be to rank. So if you want to rank your website on the top 10 pages of Google, then your content’s length should have at least 1200 words on your page.

2. Title and Tags matters:

Assure that every page of your website uses a unique and different title tag add keywords for what the page is about. And also ensures that remove all the keyword stuffing. You can also use HTML for more improvements by having access to Google webmaster. So, improve the quality of your website by adding good quality of the title and tags that will help your website to rank up.

3. Upload Sitemap For Google:

You can easily create and transfer one to your site using XML Sitemap Generator. It shows what your website is all about. A sitemap basically is a file that contains site’s pages. Each Wix site contains a sitemap, which is consequently designed by our server and is constantly stayed up with the latest with your site’s data.

4. Use Relevant Keywords:

Don’t forget to add relevant keywords in the content. It is the most important step to rank up your website. They hold the same level of importance like every other step hold. To find the best and suitable keywords for your website and add to it and then just wait for the result. Also, add relevant topics for getting the traffic.

5. Backlinks:

Focus on having a relevant link for your website. Backlinks are basically defined as a hyperlink that links from a Web page and then back to your own Web page or Website. Always try to make quality backlinks this will help you to rank your website. In other words, Backlinks are just like “Vote of Confidence” to your website. A page with a considerable measure of backlinks would in general rank higher on all significant search engines, including Google.

So these are the few points you should follow and you will definitely see the results within sometimes.