Whatsapp is Working on A New Update That Makes Sure You Send Image to The Correct Person

Whatsapp is Working on A New Update That Makes Sure You Send Image to The Correct Person


In this age, we all swear by the internet, and one of the greatest use of the internet is we use it to sharing data and chats for free. While talking about chat we cannot forget how grateful we are for WhatsApp messenger, it is one app that severs all the purposes. It lets you send endless messages, it lets to do free video-call, group chats, group calls, and the best part is we can share images and files in seconds with friends and family.

WhatsApp was the first personal chatting application to offer all that in one, and in order to serve its users best WhatsApp bring time to time updates for smooth functioning and fix the bugs.

Once again, here is the good news for all the users of the worldwide used Whatsapp messenger.

The news is WhatsApp is working on an update that will make sure that you send images or pictures to the right contact. Read below to unfold the whole story:

  • The best messaging App, WhatsApp is soon going to unveil the new feature that lets users send images to the right person. Now, it will save from the hassle of sending images to the wrong contact mistakenly but bringing a new feature where users can see whom they are sending the image as it shows the recipient’s name below the caption.
  • According to the source, in the recent version, all we see is the small image of the profile picture of the person we are sending the image to. But this used to make us prone to make a mistake of someone else as one could easily make the careless mistake. This is in order to save from repeating this mistake that now you will not only see the small profile pic but also see the name of the recipient.
  • The messaging App is developing the feature in the latest version of the Android Beta App. Users need to have the latest 2.19.173 android version to be able to test this feature.
  • The best part about the update is it works for both the individual chat and group chat. You can not only ensure the persons name before sending the image but also, the group’s name. This is amazing that WhatsApp comes up with new features that are to ensure great messaging experience.
  • Earlier this year group video call feature was introduced that enabled users to have a video call with multiple users at one the same time. Recently, in an update, WhatsApp enabled a feature that lets you play audio messages consecutively. Users no more had to play again and again all the audios, it came as a very handy feature, too.
  • The feature is initially in Beta, and it cannot be said whether it would be applicable for the iOS users or not. But we are sure that sooner or later it will be available for iPhone users, for WhatsApp won’t devoid iPhone users from this ultimate feature.
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