Google Puts An End to Its Own Tablets

Google Puts An End to Its Own Tablets; Focuses Only on Laptops Now Onwards


Google is known worldwide, not only are the fastest search engine but also a gadget company that is known to design futuristic phones, laptops, computers, and tablets. Google has gives us a lot of devices to swear by. Google’s Pixel Phones are still making to the smart phone’s market and so does the laptop. But, as the news comes to form a well know site Computer World, Google won’t be making tablets anymore.

The news clearly tells it is going to put an end to the tablets form, however, all other gadgets such as laptops, Pixelbooks are still been in process.

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According to the source, the latest news from Google is that has already stopped making tablets any more. It step-away from the one device only and would rather be focusing on laptops and phones etc. This is why we never heard of any new tablet being launched after the last series of Pixel Slate in 2018.

Pixel Slate is a convertible device( Chrome OS), that doubles up as a laptop also, if you choose to pick the optional keyboard accessory. But that is completely different than the Pixel Book which is a laptop device with no option to detach the keyboard.

Readers should not be confused between tablets and Pixel Book. Google has put an end only on the ‘tablet’ form and not the Pixel Book. Pixel book is considered to be fall under the laptop category.

The company was planning on bringing two tablets this year but only recently the report came to Computer World that Google has completely dropped the whole idea of making tablets at all and enter focus will now shift to make laptops. Guess we can expect some more variety of laptops from Google in the near future.

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The company has made it clear that ‘tablets’ are only those devices who do not have a physical keyboard and should not be confused with Pixel Book that has a keyboard with a 360-degree hinge. So the news for Google putting an end to the tablets strictly about ‘tablets’ and not the Pixel Book.

The news was given to Computer World in an internal meeting on Wednesday, where they were told that Google has dropped the project of making tablets that were not even announced. They also told the source, that Google has already reassigned the employees form the previous projects onto a different project, primarily that of laptops.

The Google spokesperson also told the source that Google might launch a laptop adapted Pixel Book by the end of 2019. He also confirmed that existing Pixel Slate will continue to be in existence and will receive latest updates till 2024.

So, this doesn’t seem to be a piece of sad news at all, with new Pixel Books and Google bettering the laptops, I think users are not losing much in terms of technology. Rather there will be more trusting computers form the company like Google.

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