Technology has been infiltrating in every aspect of our lives for a very long time. It is utilized in almost everything that we do. People can hardly think of living without internet, smart devices, television or any other electrical appliances in the household and professional world. They make life easy and simple and increase human productivity of doing work.

In the past, we have seen that science and technology have made a lot of progress and advancement. As a result, mankind has made many new discoveries and inventions. Some of these inventions are for improving the lifestyles of human beings while some are there to facilitate and enhance the well-being of humanity at large. There are some inventions that are there only to amuse and give pleasure to the people.

One such invention that originates from the last century is the video game. Initially started as an amusement for children and kids, video games today have become a multi-billion dollar industry. Over the past several years, the video games have evolved from one device to another. In the past, people had to go to arcades and arenas and spend money to play video games, but today video games are available to the people 24/7 in the palm of their hands. Downloading various popular games in your computing devices and smart gadgets have become a normal practice.

Further evolution of these games have occurred through the introduction of simulators and playing consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and Kinect. People of all ages and sects of life play these games not only among themselves but with people across the globe through online networking and gaming zones.

Children and young adults too have easy access to such video games in their homes and surroundings. Students spend hours and hours on these addictive games without realizing the opportunity cost of this time. These video games reduce the productivity of the students by consuming all their time and lead to ultimate failure in studies.

Assignments and homework are an important component of the formal education system across the world. Most of the assignments and projects are time-barred with deadlines and submission dates. With so much study workload, students hardly find time to complete these assignments on time. At the same time, if students spend their valuable time playing video games, they are sure to lose out on the assignment marks and grades.

Studies and research reveal that a very high percentage of school and college students play video games on their smartphones these days. But the difference lies between the times spent by them on this non-productive activity.

Let us look at some of the reasons why video games are diverting students from doing their homework on time.

  • Cause of aggressive behavior:

Most of the popular video games today are related to war, fighting, shooting and other violent scenarios. Although targeted towards an adult audience, most children have access to them. These violent video games foster the development of aggression and violent behavior in kids and teenagers. As a consequence, students remain distracted from their core responsibility of studying and learning. They find pleasure in more aggressive activities and divert their efforts towards non-productive work instead of homework.

  • Lack of concentration:

The action-packed video games are fast and violent. With so many changing scenes and characters powered with loud music and sounds, the human mind gets distracted towards them very easily. Students who get engaged in playing such video games find it hard to concentrate on studies and homework because their attention remains diverted and unfocused. Many studies and researches show that the fast-moving media content of the games may lead to attention deficit disorders in people if played for long periods of time.

  • Addictive properties:

Through many studies, it has been seen that video games have certain addictive properties. When a student plays a video game and gets successful, there is a certain pleasure hormone released in his or her body. Over long periods of time, the human body desires to have more and more of this hormone. As a consequence, the mind becomes addictive and wants to play more and more video games. Therefore time for studies and doing homework is compromised.

These were some of the reasons why the students are diverted from doing their homework because of playing video games of different types. Parents and teachers both need to play a positive role in guiding the students towards betterment at large.

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