During the 1950s and 1960s, environmental awareness started in the USA. This movement warned the public about the consequences of pollutants present in the atmosphere. Later on, it was found that people from susceptible communities became the victim of the polluted environment and were impacted by atmospheric pollution.

What is Environmental Injustices USA?

Environmental injustice brings the potential danger toward the vulnerable people who belong to minorities and living under poverty. Environmental pollution can directly affect the health of poor people which make them more exposed to the financial crisis. This also indicates the failure of law, regulation and their policies which promise to protect the rights of poor people and minorities.

Role of race and class in Environmental injustices the USA

Many critics raise the question of whether race or class is a deciding factor in Environmental Injustice? Vulnerable communities always become the first victims of environmental pollution. Environmental injustice USA directly hit their physical and psychological self.

Environmental injustices and Geographic Information System

The GIS (Geographic Information System) is helpful to understand the relationship between pollution and health. In addition, this relationship is important for public and environmental health data. This data directly impacts the Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Hypotheses Generation and Statistical Hypothesis testing is also known as confirmatory data analysis.

Create a Network of Environment justice and Health

If you are trying to raise your voice against environmental injustices USA? Then you need to create a team of scientists and communities who will able to develop the solutions of environmental injustices.

It is highly suggested to be a member of Peace First to raise alertness among people. All you have to do is visit the official website of Peace First and be the volunteer. With the guidance of this organization, you can pay your contribution to this social issue at any time.