Mobiles phones are in all walks of life, where people cannot imagine life without mobile phones. For most of the people day begins with mobile phones as alarms; even after waking, one work to be performed is taking mobile in hand to check messages, time etc. Mobile is connected with every activity of human. Compared to keypad phones touch screen phones are widely used. So obviously, the risk of those screens getting damaged is also high. Generally, people use temper glass to safeguard mobile screen. But still, sometimes mobile screen repair happens. There are some tips for Samsung screen repair follow without getting panic and moving to Smartphone repair shop.

Use Toothpaste to fix Screen Breakage

Have a crack in your Samsung mobile, tablet, laptop screen? Is it not so deep? Do not panic. Toothpaste helps to fix the damage. To do so, take flavorless toothpaste and Q-tips and Remove the cover from the device. Place the device with the screen facing you. Wipe the screen gently with a soft cloth. To clean the dust, apply a can of compressed air. Take a small amount of toothpaste to a Q-tip and apply at the crack and rub it in the circular motion. Being cautious on the holes is important and do not let toothpaste inside the device. Thus the crack is fixed.

Vegetable Oil

Is your mobile phone dropped accidently and got a crack? There is no need to run to a mobile phone repair shop. When there is a small crack in a Samsung mobile phone, vegetable oil can be used to fix it. Apply a little amount of vegetable oil and rub well. But oil may rub off frequently, so be cautious about it and it is required to apply vegetable oil to fix the crack.   

Sand Paper

Sandpaper also serves as the tool to fix mobile phone crack, when they are minute. Sand the screen with sandpaper. Remember, gentle handling is much important. If it is hardly done, there may be the risk of higher damage in the screen.

Baking Soda

A chemical compound baking soda is also a remedy to fix a small crack in the Samsung mobile screen. To apply, take two parts of baking soda and one part of water, mix well, a paste is obtained. Apply the past at the crack and rub it gently. The crack will be fixed.

Plastic Cover

Once the screen gets crack, there are high chances for it to develop and the screen will be worst and become unable to work. Using a screen protector can stop from such difficulties. But it is not possible if the screen protector cost as much as the mobile. So at these conditions, plastic covers can be used.

Take a plastic cover and wrap the mobile; the cover should be thin and transparent so that the display can be clear to work. This can temporarily stop the screen to get more damaged and mobile can be used efficiently for some more days or months.