With increasing technology, there is an increase in the development of the world. But have we given a thought that technology not just makes the human task easy but also takes over it? Like when tech alternatives are growing the number of job profiles are shrinking. Most of the jobs will be taken over by the tech alternatives.

The similar thing happened when the industrialization happened. Most of the manual work was taken over by the machines in the factories and workers were left jobless. Similarly, technology can minimize the manual work and some prominent profile can be taken over by it.

#1 Bank assistants

There are virtual assistants now that help you just like a human assistant. Banking industries will be stormed by the chatbots in order to have the hassle-free services. And jobs can convincingly be shifted to automotive tech alternatives.

#2 Telesales or marketers

Chatbots can take over this job profile as well. If not completely than largely. There will only a limited number of manual telesales executives.

#3 Postal or mail work

With emails or video chats, there is already a limited scope of manual posts or emails. And with the increasing technology, this thing can be completely lost.

#4 Umpires

Not in IT or other fields but also in the sports world too, jobs can be taken over by the technology. With high techniques to record and review or escalate things, we believe jobs of Umpires will be taken over by the technology.

#5 Librarians

People have a kindle to read loads of books, but believing the fact they will still need space and peace to read them, libraries have their grounds firm. But we are not sure about the librarian. Librarians can be replaced by smart devices.

#6 Customer support

Chatbots again. The job of customer support executive can very convincingly be replaced by the Chabot or virtual assistants.

#7 Drivers

Yes, this might sound absurd but this has been tested in several countries already. technology can provide you with a virtual driver to save you time doing other productive activities. Like inventing more such things, right?