Steps to Update the Firmware of the Tp-Link Wifi Router


In some of the instances, the user faces the issues with the router. Moreover, to link router working is very compatible and the user-friendly. The user-facing the issue while accessing the internet. They can face the issue of the slow speed internet and accessing the HD video streaming. In this section, we will discuss some of the issues to tackle the issue of the Tp-Link Router internet connectivity.

The TP-Link router is the tend to the decline the internet speed due to several reasons. In some of the cases the user wasn’t able to access the router then try to access the tp link router by using the default IP address either customized the web address for the easy access.

  • In the Foremost step, the user will need to secure the wired and the wireless network connection between the router and the device connected with the router.
  • Switch on the power supply then wait for some time while the light of the router goes on stable mode.
  • Then open the web browser of your choice we are not recommended you to one browser you can use any of the internet browsers to access the login page. In the address bar of the internet browser type the web address of the
  • Then you will redirect to the login window where you can enter the username and the password of the tp link wifi login setup page.
  • Upon the effectively entering the switch setup page click on the “Advance framework settings” tab at the highest point of the login page.
  • Click on the WAN port tab and after that select the MTU size. After tapping the MTU measure catch you can change its incentive from 1500 to 1400. It is be noticed that the MTU estimate esteem ought to be lower than in 1400.
  • Apply and save the changes and then reboot your routers make sure that all the changes should be done effectively.

    Why the Tp-Link Wifi Router Firmware Update is Needed?

    Why the Tp-Link Wifi RouterA manufacturer to upgrade the working of a switch discharges an update for the current firmware. There are chances that you may finish up boosting your system speed through only an update, just in the event that the producer discharged it in the fresher adaptation.

     The other reason may be a security-related apparatus. Assume the more established adaptation of the firmware could have conceivably be presented to the aggressors, a producer will fix it in the update, accordingly making your gadget-less inclined being hacked.

     Refreshing a firmware is much the same as refreshing an application on your advanced mobile phone. You simply need to go to the online store to check whether there’s an update. It’s that straightforward. A certain something, an update for a specific model of a specific switch would not take a shot at some other devices.

    Steps to Update the Firmware  of the Tp-Link Wifi  Router

    The Firmware of the tp interface wifi switch is required on time to time. The client can just need to get to the login setup page of the explore the web program into the gadget the associated with the switch. Here are a few stages to refresh the firmware of the tp interface wireless Router. Here are some easy steps to upgrade the firmware of the

    • Steps to Update the Firmware of the Tp-Link Wifi  Router
    • Check the latest version of the Firmware before going to do the downloading process.
    • Connect the router with the router by using the Ethernet cable.
    • Open the Internet browser on the device that is connected to the router and type the web address of the to the address bar of the router to access the login page.
    • Then check the firmware update.
    • After clicking on the firmware update option extract the ZIP file by clicking on the extraction tool.
    • Then go to the login page of the TP-Link router.
    • Go to the System tools then click on the Firmware option.
    • Here you can see the upgrade button click on it
    • After completion of the up gradation process, your device will be rebooting.
    • Check the status of the router.

    Things to be remembered during the Updating process of the Tp-Link Wifi Router

    • Do not turn off the computer devices during the update process.
    • Restart the after completion of the firmware update.