Solution to Some Common Office 365 Installation Errors

Office 365 Installation Errors

Installing MS office 365 is needful for users who are working in a professional environment to manage their day to day activities. This program is a bundle of all necessary Microsoft tools required to complete your professional tasks in a seamless manner. But without a complete installation, using MS office 365 would never be possible and thus one must eradicate all technical halts that come while installing or using MS office 365 on your device.

Here below we have compiled all MS installation errors and their respective solution in a list so that users can combat the technical difficulties which are keeping them to install MS office 365 product on your device:


  • Why MS office is not installing?

In case you are having an issue while installing and installation is taking too long to complete, check for the below-given points:

  • Make sure you don’t have the MS office already installed
  • Disable your antivirus on a temporary basis as security program can prevent the Office to install.
  • Restart your computer and then try to install the office again
  • Check the wired or wireless connection
  • Uninstall the Office and then clean your computer from any residue and start installing again.

Failed installation error without any specific error:

If the installation fails all of the sudden without any specific error, the causes can be many. But this problem can be controlled if you uninstall MS office and then install it back. In case you feel it difficult to remove the MS office program from your device, make a call upon Microsoft Office Support Phone Number.

A message “another installation is in progress” displays on your screen:

This error can be fixed by first restarting your computer and then fixing it by manually stopping the OfficeclickTorun.exe from the taskbar.

  • “Install” button is not working;

If you are trying to install MS office but the install button is not working, a number of issues are the cause such as

  • MS Office is already installed on your device.
  • Your device has the accumulated temporary internet files on your device. So removing those files can help.
  • Remove all unwanted extensions, and disable other add-ins or web plugins from your browser.
  • Resetting the browse’s settings can help.

Problem while installing Office 365:

This issue occurs usually due to incompatible with the version of OS you are using. The network errors or system registry issues are also responsible for this problem so taking care if these can help.

If you are having any trouble while installing and using your MS office product, you can call on the Microsoft Customer Service Number and get the desired solution to your problem. The technical help is obtainable all across the clock to help the troubled users. The team of Microsoft Office Customer Service is always on their toes to troubleshoot all the difficulties faced by users.

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