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Peggo via 9app is an audio recording application that converts the Youtube videos in Mp3 and Mp4 files by recording its audio. Not just Youtube, Peggo also let users record numerous audio files from Soundcloud application as well. The application is very simple to use. You just have to enter the name of the query in its search area and you will be taken to the page of relevant searched results. Once you locate the result click on the video to open it and below you can find a Record button.

Click on that Record Mp3 button to record the audio track from the video. The application also allows users to cut short the audio recordings and select which part exactly you want to record instead of saving the entire track to your device. The application requires an external media player to play your download file as there is no media player integrated into its interface. The application is a must try for all Android users as well as the PC users.

Features of Peggo Application

  1. Simple UI

The application features an absolutely straightforward interface. The Home screen of the application displays the search bar for entering your queries like song name, artist name, album name or any link of the video from Youtube or Soundcloud to take you to the targeted results page.

  1. Audio Recording Feature

Whenever users enter any query in the search engine of the application, they get access to numerous search results that might match their query with relevant video suggestions that might interest the users. As soon as the users open the video they will find it in the pause mode and just below the video is the slider with the help of which users can adjust their audio length like how much they will want to record.

For example- if the video starts with a chorus part, they can omit the part and record from where the main song actually starts. After adjusting, users need to click on the Record Mp3 tab to start the audio recording of the video.

  1. Volume Normalization

The application records the Mp3 file from the videos in high-end quality by integrated volume normalization feature as per the user’s comfort level. There is also a feature called remove Silence which is check marked by default to remove the white noise from the audio tracks.

  1. Metadata Discovery

The metadata discovery feature of the application fetches the correct information about the Album, movie, artist, song and fills the required details for the user’s convenience. It also lets users do ID3 tag editing removing the unnecessary words and lyrics if present in the video.

  1. No Ad feature

The application provides a smooth and safe platform for users with no viral ads or interrupting pop-ups.

How to download Peggo Application

  • All Android users can download the updated file of the Peggo application from here 9apps fast download.
  • They need to turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option from Settings to complete the installation process.
  • All PC and Mac users can directly access Peggo from here to enjoy its facilities.


Peggo is an excellent Mp3 converter for Youtube and Soundcloud and should be downloaded by all users who love music.

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