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Major Questions For an App Developer While Hiring Them


In the present era, mobile apps have become a major necessity in order to connect the customers, sell the product and also grow the business in a reliable manner. A recent report exclaims that nearly two billion people globally access the Smartphones and it is a great opportunity to take advantage of it.

In case if you are a famous executive with a bulk amount or an entrepreneur looking for a startup, finding of the right app developer is the most important one. Here, some of the queries are listed which correctly fits into the major key groups. It includes the developer fit, developer’s capabilities, and development process including the admin.

1) Give some examples of the developing of mobile apps?

Generally, a quality developer will be more conscious when integrating with the links such as the Google Play or Apple Play Store and describes with each and every role played in developing of the apps.

The experienced developers may not have the complete apps from the base and they are open to the overall contributions to the existing apps.

2) Whether you have built the apps for the large-sized companies?

The apps are built for the smaller, medium and the larger organizations. A larger organization is a one which is totally a different one from the smaller business and the unique cultures are reflected in each and every phase of the app development process.

On the other side of the business, a smaller business needs more amount and it has a lesser strict process too.

3) How much you have focused on the design and user experience?

Typically the features of a mobile app are the most important one, but the design and the experience are the most critical one to the overall success of an app. A good design is not totally about the pictures and the bright colors. It includes the user interface and the user experience. The UI is an important one and it refers overall factor how an app looks.

On the other side of the coin, the UX refers to how an app meets the overall expectations of the user and how it is accessible to use the app’s features too.  It is always important to check the apps which are built by the promising developers in order to get a better feel for the overall design sensibilities.

4) Whether communication is possible during the development process?

Generally, the communication during the development process is a critical one to the overall quality of an app and make sure how an app developer near me will interact with the users from day one. Lists of the necessary elements are the agile development, continual communication and the feedback etc.

Here, there are two major phases such as the discovery and design phase. In the first phase, the developer and the user agree upon certain terms, features including the functionality of the overall app. In the second phase, the wireframes and the mockups are created, by keeping up the features in the mind.

Once, the designs are approved, the app development begins in a consistent manner. Then the communication starts along with the app development.

5) Once the app is launched, how the app is maintained?

Once the app is approved and launched on the app stores it is a great feel. In order to keep the users engaged, the test is done on the updated versions of the OS and improves the features including the functionality of the app.

The developers maintain the support program in order to address the changes in a mobile app which is the most important one. Ensure the app is maintained properly from both of the sides.

6) What about the payment terms?

Generally, both of the payment fees and the terms are laid in the Services Agreement and make sure that the developers are more cautious in it. Basically, there are two major pricing structures such as the hourly and the fixed cost. Along with the hourly pricing, the developer throws a concerned rate for the hour worked and also tracks the total time which is totally spent on the project.

During the initial stage, the developer provides an estimate of the total hours which are the fixed one. On the other side, in a fixed project; the developer provides a concerned cost of the project upfront. The payment terms are totally different from one developer to another.

From the above-discussed points, we come to the conclusion that the mobile apps are the important one to grow your business on the right path.  

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