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Lead Generation Ideas for All Types of Businesses


Every business, be it small-sized, medium-sized or a huge MNC around the world today, whether it’s just a 10 people IT company or a huge online business – Need Traffic, Need Leads, Need Prospects. In short all of them need result oriented Lead Generation System.

With so many new Lead Generation Sources available in the market, generating the quality lead is the key to success of every business. If 1 or 2 lead generation strategies working today then it may not necessarily give you the same results after few days. That’s why all the Marketing ‘Gurus’ out there need to learn the art of Lead Generation and should continuously look for new lead generation sources.

Social Media Lead Generation Platforms


In the current scenario Marketers depend on Social Media for 70% of their lead generation. However, marketing is only responsible for 70% of the sales leads. The traditional long process of sales prospecting and cold calling is limiting sales professionals to efficiently find high quality sales leads for that 30%. To be successful, sales representatives need to develop their own lead generation solution to achieve their sales goals.

In the age of social media, leveraging professional networks like LinkedIn to drive sales leads has become the key part of selling things. Using social selling assists to search and connect with potential sales leads, who are already on those social platforms, networking with others and online content.


Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms of the world. Billions of users use Facebook all around the world so it’s very easy to find target audience for your business on Facebook. Facebook is perfect platform for building relationships and not directly pitching your opportunity or product. One can also join professional and Business Groups and Fan pages to increase interactions with members, giving high value to fruitful conversations.


Twitter allows one to follow other businesses professionals and online marketers and regularly doing tweets everyday; relevant and useful information. Twitter is one of the effective ways to get your target followers to your Web pages, blogs and landing pages. Twitter is well known platform for engagement. The more you engage with users than the more leads will generate for your business.

Lead Generation through Blogging

Writing company blogs is one of the key places on the Internet where people will get to know your businesses. Blog posting is a great way to attract more online traffic and leads. Now a day’s visitors only trust on content rather than the designing of your Blog. If your business provides good content or useful information to users than it will definitely give good lead generation opportunity for your business.

Other Lead Generation Sources

The above list only includes some of the popular lead generation social media platforms. Apart from that there are some more very productive lead generation sources are available in the market.

Other lead generation sources includes

  • YouTube Channels
  • Google+, Article Marketing
  • Forums
  • PPC (Pay Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action), CPL (Cost Per Lead)
  • Google Places(For Business)
  • Webinars & Email Campaigns
  • SEO and nurturing your contacts.

As all these sources will definitely helps you to generate leads but the key point is, the time you spend. There are numbers of tools available in market which can save your time to generate data from different tools explain above. With the help of those Lead Generation Tools, you can not only save time but also can generate more leads at minimum time and cost. Here is the brief about such tools and how they can help you in your lead generation process.

About Lead Generation Tool

Lead Generation Utility Tool extract necessary business information from sources ranging from business directories to search engines. Once you extract all useful data from different sources then it will give you the proper business insights and on the bases on that you can generate leads for your business.

Lead Generation Tool Extracts Data from

  1. Extract Data directories like Yellow pages, White pages, Super pages, etc.
  2. Extract data from social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  3. Extract YouTube videos, article content, Google keywords, advertisements, etc.
  4. Extract data from business websites in your domain and industry.

Lead Generation Tool Extracts Data like

  1. Extract data like Location, First name, Last name, URL, Country, Postal Code, Email ids, Fax, etc
  2. Content Extractor – Web blog, Website contact, Web news, Web forum extractor, etc
  3. Online Profile and Jobs extractors
  4. Extracts data as needed and as per your requirements

Benefits of Lead Generation Tool

  1. Save huge amount of time, costs and manual efforts
  2. Remove the possibility of human error
  3. Great speed and multiple search threads for incomparable efficiency

Lead Generation Tool Expertise

  1. Extract the required data no matter how complex or large the database is
  2. Keyword Search – Extract only unique data
  3. Filter Search – Skip data that do not match phrases or keywords


For effective link generation process, it is very much important to use tools available online. It will improve the efficiency of your lead generation process and can result in more leads.


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Stephen Leo is a passionate paddler and he has made his hobby a career and is extremely happy about it. He is also a fitness fanatic and he loves whitewater kayaking. When he is not paddling, he likes to contribute to popular kayak journals like – Kayak Manual.