Facts About Windows 11

Interesting Facts About Windows 11


Windows 7 was the most used version of the windows till windows 10 arrived. In Windows 10 there was a completely new look, new browser, new apps, and features but still, people are waiting for the release of Windows 11. When Windows 10 was launched many users who were using windows 7 and windows 8 didn’t want to switch but it came with automatic transitions so ultimately you will end up using windows 10. There are many such features that will be introduced in the new version. It may come with the option to choose the color of their windows. This would surely give freedom to the people to experiment with different colors and pick the one they like.

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Windows 10 lacked somewhere in quick access so it is expected that windows 11 will come with something that could overcome it like the starting screen may come with the user identification picture which would make the process much easier. In all the previous iterations of windows, it was hard for the users to access the desktop for apps and files but this could get improved in this version by adding an option to customize the access to the desktop.

If it has been decided that the new version will be released, then it will be definitely better than the previous versions. It will surely come up with many new features and concepts and will certainly offer something that previous operating system didn’t.

Microsoft has decided to keep Cortana but they will surely make it more powerful. In this version, it is possible that they will do away with the insider program. Most of the insiders don’t take it seriously since they constantly complain about the privacy concerns and they don’t even provide the required feedback. We can just expect that windows 11 will come up with more and more interesting features for its users.

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