It’s 2020 and technology is increasing day by day. With the increasing technology people are getting familiar with it, so do the business organizations. There is an urge in the organization to move their business over to the cloud platform so that they can access their data from anywhere and at any time. The most commonly used business storage application is OneDrive and many users face trouble while transferring their data to it. In this article, we will explain the benefits of moving your business to the cloud and how you can migrate data from PC to OneDrive for business accounts.

For the solution, we have two methods, first by using professional tools such as File System to OneDrive Migration tool. Second, by using the backup & sync tool for OneDrive. Both the solution has advantages over each other. Here, you will understand the difference between both and decide the best tool for your needs.

Top Two Methods to Migrate Data From PC to One Drive

After researching the best solution for the migration of data from personal computer to OneDrive, we have found the top two solutions:

1. For Fast Migration – Use File System Migration
2. For Automatic Syncing – Backup & Sync

Both the solution above are secure and the best solutions for the completion of the migration task. Try both and choose the best for your organization. Before proceeding with the solution, you must also know the benefits of migration.

List of Benefits for Migration of PC data on Cloud

1. Security of Data on Cloud is high – Due to Encryption and Security Keys
2. Fast accessibility of Data – Access data from anywhere and any time
3. Easy sharing of data online – Safely and quickly share data with others
4. Project Planning – Managing and planning of task becomes easy
5. Lesser Maintenance Cost – Cost of maintaining large severs and storage reduces
6. Immune from Malware & Viruses – Chances of error and malware attack are minimum overcloud
7. Increase Storage Space – Organization can increase cloud storage space on demand
8. Quick Backup of data for the worst-case scenario – Hard Disk crash or theft.

Now, you will understand why it is important to migrate data from PC to OneDrive Cloud. It’s time to understand how you can do it. Let see..

Best Method For Migration of Data from PC to OneDrive

If you are looking for a fast and easy method for the migration, then the File System to Cloud Migration tool will help you. This migration software specifically designed by the experts for the migration of data on cloud storage platforms such as OneDrive and Google Drive. Apart from being an all-in-one migration tool for cloud, it also provides a wide range of filters that can help in selective data migration from a computer (PC).

A single software is sufficient enough to migrate data from multiple computers into multiple OneDrive account. All users in an organization can use single software for the uploading of data on their cloud platform.

Advantages of Professionally Designed Tool for Migration

  • The tool can be used to migrate multiple PC data to OneDrive for business
  • Single utility for migration of data to multiple cloud platform
  • Provides multiple filter options such as date, file type & file size filters for selective data migration.
  • After migration once, in the next attempt, tool only migrates new and updated data
  • Provides an option to migrate data from a network location (Server) that are configured with a computer
  • Doesn’t impose any limitation of the size of the file that can be migrated using this tool
  • Preserves data integrity and hierarchy during the migration of data.
  • Generates a migration report which helps in future for analysis

Steps to Migrate Data From PC to OneDrive For Business

1. Download and Launch File System to OneDrive Migrator
2. Choose the destination cloud storage like OneDrive
3. Go to settings, activate your OneDrive domain & create and enter service client id.
4. Choose the File / Folder/ Drive from your computer to migrate
5. Apply Filters option for selective data migration & choose destination location in OneDrive.

Note: After the completion of migration, login into your OneDrive account and check the migrate data at a destination location in your account.

How to Use Backup & Sync for OneDrive For Migration

Backup & Sync for OneDrive is a software designed by Microsoft for its users to upload their data from a local computer into OneDrive cloud. This application work as a backup device which can also automatically sync every folder from the computer.

Working of OneDrive Backup & Sync Software

1. Go to search option and enter OneDrive, if nothing comes up then you need to download OneDrive on your machine.
2. After launching the OneDrive application, login using OneDrive account
3. You can just drag & drop the files from the source folder into OneDrive location in C drive. C:\Users\admin\OneDrive

4. For automatic synchronization &migration of data from PC to OneDrive for Business:
In OneDrive app, click on 3 dots option and go to settings
Now, Go to AutoSave tab and choose the folder that you wish to backup
This will automatically migrate all data from your computer to OneDrive

Limitations Of Backup & Sync for OneDrive

There is some problem faced by the user due to this automatic sync, such as:

In case, you accidentally update the file or file got corrupted the automatic sync will upload the file on OneDrive cloud.
Automatic sync method requires a constant internet connection
Cannot filter the data that you wish to migrate from a folder
Doesn’t show what data is updated or migrated on OneDrive


In this blog, we have discussed the importance of the migration of data on the cloud and how you can migrate data from PC to OneDrive for business accounts. The solution contains two methods, using automated tools and another via backup & sync software.

Both software is working, but have advantages over each other. To migrate your data to OneDrive or other cloud platforms without any loss of data and for customizing migration, it is recommended to use a professional tool developed by SysTools.