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Gallery Hanging System a Design Trend in 2019


What a great time of year to get into those renovations you’ve been talking about for months. Cooler weather and the temptation to spend more time indoors mean you can try out some of the stunning design ideas that are doing the rounds.

Interestingly, one of the biggest trends right now is anything artisan. We’re talking about one-off or limited-edition interior design pieces made by artisans, such as light fittings, furniture, mirrors and fabrics.

This return to true craftsmanship is a breath of fresh air following too many years of mass production and ‘flat pack’ design. Artisan pieces not only add individuality to your home but are also a welcome distraction from the high-tech world we live in.

Gallery Hanging System

Part of this movement is a renewed interest in natural materials, such as stone and slate, natural fibres, timber and even metals, such as copper. This is a very versatile trend that will suit most styles, from country chic to urban functionality.

There is also renewed interest in more traditional fabrics, including velvet and brocade. Whilst generally man-made, such fabrics can add a richness and depth to any interior design project. You can even buy velvet wallpaper now in Australia, sometimes referred to a flock. Done badly, it can be reminiscent of an Indian restaurant during the 80s; done well, it can add colour, warmth and glamour to any space.

With such a move away from sterile and monochrome, it’s no surprise that artwork is playing a key role in interior design in 2019. Rather than considering art as something you add to a room, it can actually create a framework for your new design.

Art can add colour, movement, depth and the illusion of space to a room. It’s a conversation starter and a reflection of your personality. Or at least, it is when it’s done properly.

Picture Hanging Systems UK

The way in which you hang art is every bit as important as the art itself when it comes to interior design. Think about what you see and feel when you visit an art gallery. There’s usually something uniform about how the art has been hung, with nothing to distract you from the artwork itself.

A common mistake when incorporating art into interior design is taking short cuts when it comes to hanging it. Someone will spend a fortune on paint, floor coverings, furniture and accessories, and then simple hammer some hooks into the wall for the artwork. Do you see that in a gallery? I doubt it.

Art Hanging System

And now you don’t see that at home as you, too, can buy a gallery hanging system. With the track discretely mounted high up on the wall, and the use of elegant hangers and hooks, it’s the artwork that takes centre stage. And when the time comes to change your display around, it’s so easy and quick and causes no damage to your walls.

Exciting New Designs

The best picture hanging systems in the UK and Australia come from Gallery System UK, largely because they have been around a long time and represent quality and value. Now that these systems are available for use at home, it’s made an interior design even more exciting.

Another huge trend for 2019 will be the use of bold and dramatic colours. This won’t work in every home, of course, as strong colours can make a small room appear even smaller. But, if you have space and the courage, rich colours on your walls can really make your fixtures and fittings pop.

At the other end of the spectrum and equally striking is the use of black and white. It’s bold and timeless and provides the perfect background to colourful artworks.

As well as a return to natural materials, we are also seeing increased use of exposed materials, such as concrete. Long regarded as something you cover-up, we are now realising how striking concrete can be on its own.

Brutalism is Back

Polished concrete floors have been around for a while, but a new trend is exposed concrete walls and even concrete benchtops and lighting. One of the attractions is the durability and versatility of concrete, as well as its natural thermal qualities. It’s also perfect as a neutral backdrop for bold colours, copper fittings and, yes, artwork.

Imagine a room that appears almost stark in its use of concrete for the walls and floor, then offset by a huge piece of art and explosions of colour by way of fabrics and accessories. It makes a real statement.

With that in mind, it won’t surprise to hear that 70’s chic is also making a comeback in interior design this year, a flashback to the Brutalism of the mid-20th century. Whereas Brutalist architecture was originally mostly limited to public buildings, it is now being embraced in modern home design.

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