Five Medical Systems That Stand To Benefit from Proper Cable Protection

Five Medical Systems That Stand To Benefit from Proper Cable Protection


Despite huge advances in wireless technology, it is not yet possible to power most devices without the benefit of cables. Of course, not all cables are created equal. While the basic option is suitable for many applications, there are times when you need to use a reputable miniature cables manufacturer, that will ensure you have the very best quality cables for your needs. The medical profession is a great example of where the very best quality can make a huge difference.

Not only does the right quality cable improve the reliability of a product, but it will also last longer, which helps to reduce the long-term cost.

The following 5 medical systems will all benefit from proper cable protection. Even if you consider how flexible the cable is, whether it’s flame retardant, abrasive resistant, and it’s resistance to impact and chemicals, protecting the cable is essential.

1. Endoscope

The optical fibers in endoscope cables are extremely sensitive to pressure, it’s much easier to damage them than you may think. Equally, the cable needs to have a little flex but too much is harmful to the signal.

In short, it needs to be carefully laid and then covered with protection to ensure it gives high-quality signals for an extended period of time.

2. Movable Medical Equipment

Anything in a medical environment that can be moved needs to have the best possible quality protection for its cables. Cables on movable equipment are more likely to be damaged as the equipment is moved. They can be pinched, rolled over, or simply knocked against a wall or door.

Cable protection for this type of medical equipment needs to be good at protecting the cable from impacts.

3. MRI Trucks

A medical response vehicle needs to carry a huge amount of equipment. Of course, the more they carry the slower the response time is likely to be. That’s why it’s important to evaluate everything on the truck and reduce the weight where possible. Cabling is one area that can make a significant difference to this goal.

Lightweight cable with good quality protection will minimize excess weight and provide better protection against fire and other onboard risks. It should also be protected against EMI interference, you don’t want false signals in a life and death scenario.

4. Instrument Panels

Equipment and specifically screens are getting smaller and smaller. This means the cables are getting smaller which increases their chances of being damaged. In order to avoid this happening the cables should be protected by silicon coating or small stainless steel conduits.  This will also help to reduce temperature buildup and protect your cables against chemical spills.

5. Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs have an array of cables inside them ensuring they work properly in all weathers. Of course, for these cables to work effectively they need to be protected from the elements, crush damage and impacts. They also need to be lightweight! Protection for these delicate cables is essential to ensure they provide the long service that they should.

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