Essential Skills A BI Consultant Must Have

Essential Skills A BI Consultant Must Have

BI or Business Intelligence refers to applications, technologies, and practices that involve integration, collection, and analysis of business information. BI supports more comprehensive business decision-making and is used with report briefing books and query tools. It is also used with executive information systems. BI Consultants are tasked to assist businesses in their technology applications. They advise them on which business intelligence tool to use for their business.

To be a power bI consultant requires special skills. These skills are the ones besides your computer skills which you might have learned in college. Below are the essential skills a BI Consultant should possess so he can be effective in the field of consultancy.

Business Acumen

An essential skill of a BI Consultant is the ability to comprehend information and issues about these businesses. Having a high level of knowledge about the industry is critical for this. How could the owners of the industry trust them, if their understanding of the particulars of their enterprise lacks proficiency?

Understanding of Data and Statistics

A consultant must have a deep comprehension of where the data is outsourced from and the significance it has on the company. To do this, he must have an extensive background in statistics. Statistics is the backbone of the data industry. To analyze data accurately, it is incorporated as the backbone of BI software.

Analysis tools

There are several tools you can use as a consultant. The most complex of them includes looking at data sets and deciphering what’s in them that can be of value. Skill in using tools such as R, which is a popular tool utilized by statisticians, scientists, and mathematicians alike is an ability every consultant should possess.

Visualization tools

If you can visualize using the R and the SPSS, then you are qualified to be a consultant. An above-average adeptness in dealing with Tableau and QlikView- tools that have become synonymous with data analysis and visualization, is a critical skill as well. Besides these tech skills, BI consultants should have a degree in computer programming and engineering. Additional units in Business Administration or training in Entrepreneurship can be a good starting point for consultants.

Attending a power BI training session is a must for people who consider a career in the field of Business Intelligence seriously. Several companies provide these types of training. Power BI is a powerful tool for collecting data and converting it to meaningful information. The program was developed by Microsoft to upgrade the previous tools utilized by businesses in analyzing and visualizing their data. Visualization of data, modeling, and exploring data are vital components of the software.

Power BI comes in three forms- Power BI Online, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Premium. Power BI Pro is a license for the user alone which allows them to access and share content with other Pro users to any Power BI service. Power BI Premium, on the other hand, doesn’t require the purchase of an individual license. It allows anyone to view Power BI content, whether you are outside or inside the organization.

ECP Group, an enterprise that specializes in BI training, offers highly trained power BI consultants. Their training sessions cover everything that you need to learn about Power BI. To enroll, visit their website now.

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