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5 most secure and private browsers for iOS


If you are an iPhone user and you think that iPhone is secure just because iOS is not open source with limited updates, and you have to go through heavy monitoring in order to developer iOS apps – you are living in a fool’s paradise.

iPhone is not as secure, or apple doesn’t care about your privacy as much as you might think. In fact a recent investigation by the privacy focused website discovered that the Apple store had several fitness-tracking apps that were using sneaky in-app payments to steal money from unaware iPhone and iPad users.

If you are looking to make your iPhone or any of your apple devices safe and secure. We have the perfect solution for you; start using secure and private browsers. It is that ridiculously simple.

If we have not mentioned your favourite browser, or you have a recommendation of your own, do let us know in the comment section.

  1. Puffin Browser Pro(iPhone + iPad + iMessage) 

Puffin Web Browser is by far the most renowned browser for apple users, we won’t go as far as to say it is the best but surely one of the top tier. It even supports flash, something that has alluded apple since decades.

It has a built-in speed optimization technique. You can even import bookmarks from other browsers and use Puffin as your default browser. You can also use exciting features like mouse simulator.

Puffin is a complete package, it is highly recommended by us.

  1. Red Onion(iPhone + iPad)

Red Onion is one of the most secure browsers for iOS users. It uses TOR technique. TOR or The Onion Routing technique is a security encryption method that binds your data into multiple layers. That is why it is called ‘onion routing’. And no one can peel off these layers – you data is completely safe.

If your school or workplace has set up restrictions, no matter how complex, if you run TOR, you can easily by-pass anything. You can access anything even from a restricted space.

  1. iCab Mobile (Web Browser)(iPhone + iPad + Apple Watch)

iCab Mobile is one of the most advanced browsers for Apple users. You can use it on any device including iPhone, iPad and Apple watch. It has every feature you can think of in a browser. You can import bookmarks, save settings, even save information – which you rarely do in privacy browsers, but the option is still there.

You can also upload secure files via an especially built-in feature in iCab Mobile browser. Any apple user would tell you that it is a big deal. iCab is awesome, start using it you won’t regret it.

  1. Full Screen Private Browsing Web Browser(iPhone + iPad)

Full Screen Private Browsing, the name really gives it all away doesn’t it? With Full Screen Private Browsing, you get two things: secure browsing and distraction free mode of browsing. There are some features like portrait and landscape modes. The browser bar gets hidden and dispatched away so you can enjoy a full screen, complete view experience.

Needless to say that the browser doesn’t store any of your data.   

  1. Firefox Focus(iPhone + iPad)

If you want a straightforward and simple browser that will guarantee that no data is left behind that can be traced back to you, you should download Firefox Browser immediately.

The Android users have been using this beauty for a long time now and with great success. But it is only know that Apple users are starting to appreciate Firefox. If you didn’t already noticed, it is a product of the renowned company Mozilla. That should be enough to convince you that this browser is a powerhouse.

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