Many graduate students have less time to work on their dissertations. Most spend their time presenting group projects, revising for sitting in exams, meeting supervisor, working on class assignments, among others.

How do you manage to remain top of things and complete your dissertation on time? If you have a smartphone, you can install some apps that will help you get more organized and focused and be able to meet your timelines.

Best apps for students

If, by all means, you’re not able to finish the work on your own, you can ask for a custom dissertation from experts. Here are the five best apps for dissertation writing.

  1. Evernote

This a great app that helps you sync all your notes, summaries, survey/questionnaire notes, annotated biographies, etc., across devices. Moreover, it is an audio recorder. You can use it to record the lecture or guidance narration from the lecture. It is an app that ensures you have all the necessary material you need to write your paper.

  1. Penultimate

Do you have an iPad? Miss scribbling notes in a notebook? Penultimate is a handwriting app for iPad that you can use to write notes and use them to craft your dissertation. Unlike a laptop, a tablet is easy to carry, and you can connect to the wi-fi network anywhere. It’s like having a working tool on the move.

  1. iProcrastinate

Are one of those people who procrastinate things? Would you love to be more organized? It all started with a to-do-list. The app allows you to organize all your tasks into one place and assign priority levels for every task. Moreover, it has the flexibility to breakdown long term tasks into manageable bits. You can share your task lists with multiple users who can have the right to edit. This is one of the reasons why it’s suitable for group projects. The app will help you get things done in time and allow you to have more time to concentrate on your dissertation.

  1. iStudiez Pro

Do you have a problem prioritizing your assignments?  Are you struggling to keep track of your schedule? Istudentpro provides a perfect solution for all these. Furthermore, it can sync with your calendar, give you an alert when a particular assignment is due and help you go through your week plans and tasks. This helps you to avoid over-committing. It can really help you to achieve much more within a short period of time. This gives you more time to work on your dissertation.

  1. Mendeley and Pocket

If you need to be serious about research and keep all the interesting distractions at bay, you need these apps. Pocket helps you to bookmark articles, scholarly journals, and web pages that you don’t have time to review and make notes, but want to come back to at a later date. To make things interesting, you can read the pages without wi-fi connections. On the other hand, Mendeley act like your virtual personal assistant. With Mendeley you can go back to the saved pages on Pocket and collect, organize, cite, and share the research materials. Mendeley has a huge catalog with numerous research papers. You can easily import references and create a personal library for each project you’re working on.

Working on a dissertation has never been this easy. The advancement of technology has provided the student with tools that will help them complete their work on time. The aforementioned apps can help you craft a good quality dissertation that will fetch great grades.

You can use the tools to complete other classwork, as well. In case you want further assistance, you can seek professional help from writing service.