What are 2D games? Gaming technology adapting to Virtual Reality, let’s take a pause and see who is ruling the current landscape of games. Is it 2D or 3D games? 2D games i.e., two-dimensional games where players can see only length and breadth much like a drawing on a paper. In a typical 2D game, players can only run, jump, shoot, collect powers on a platform. The first game ever developed was a 2D Game back in the 80s. By seeing the craze of 2d games, many people start their own 2d online gaming portals. Now, you will easily find countless online gaming portals on the internet.

We are mentioning the name some of them below to check out – 

1. SpideyGames

2D vs. 3D games

This gaming portal has contained so many different types of free online games like action, adventure, sports, role-playing, racing, animal, puzzle, shooting, etc. If you are a gamer who love to play mobile games online then this website is only made for you.

2. BigFish


This is a gaming portal which is based on the casual gaming genre. This online gaming portal is specially made for casual gamers to give them enjoy and a fun ride.

3. Miniclip

This site is around for such a long time that numerous gamers partner connect free website games with MiniClip.com. It has contained hundreds of game of everyone’s interest and the best part is this site is available in many different languages.

What are the 3D games?

3D games are games which have featured gameplay in 3D, i.e., everything in the game is 3D. Although 3D games started released from the late 1990s they became popular in the late 2000s and after it falls in this category. Games such as Batman Arkham Asylum, COD Black Ops, Need for Speed Shift, etc. falls in 3D gameplay category.

Which One Do Gamers Prefer?

  • This might seem to a straightforward answer for many, as 3D games are more realistic, hence gamers might prefer them. However, this isn’t the case. You open any online gaming portal, and they are filled with 2D games. This tells us 2D games are fun games to play online, and there is a market for them. So, let’s look a little harder to find a more conclusive answer.
  • The major difference between 2D and 3D games are their characters. 3D characters are much better than 2D games which have cartoonish character. Another point which 3D games have in their corner is beautiful and vast open-world where players can interact with many objects in the world.
  • However, 2D games have a hidden tool, and this is simple storytelling. You pick up any 2D games, and it is easy to immerse yourself in the game then it is in a 3D game. This is because 2D games don’t require developers to spend time on the graphics, they can dedicate themselves into making the game better. This can be seen in numerous free online games, where more people are addicted to Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Temple run, etc.
  • While 3D games are more believable and action-packed as you can be attacked from all sides, 2D games have better art. This is down to the expensive of creating good art which cost a lot in 3D games while 2D games are cheaper and better to look at. 
  • How many 3D games have you actually replayed a lot? Compare this to the number of times you have replayed 2D games. It is more likely you have played 2D games more because they are fun and easy to play. Plus, they have an added characteristic of being likable by people of all age.


In simpler terms, it is an individual choice on what they prefer. But if we look at the global scale, then we have to say Gamers still like 2D games better as they are still around despite lower graphics.