Things to Do in Goa

12 Exceptional Things to Do in Goa During Next Vacation


Goa has a mixture of Portuguese and Indian culture. This combination gives a grand view to your eyes. The land richened with sun and sand has its own way of adding more beauty to your vacation.

Goa is the right place for those who love the beach and want to enjoy a romantic vacation. Apart from this, Goa is also a wonderful place for spiritual travelers, seafood lovers, nature lovers, adventure lovers and so on.

Here are the top 12 things to do in Goa during your next visit.

1. The beaches of North Goa are famous among tourists and is filled with sunbathers. If you are ready to enjoy sunbathing on a secluded beach, there are specific beaches for it too.

2. The cuisine of the land has a seafood essence to it. The cuisine has blends of Portugal cuisine too. Thus, you ought to try the ancient cuisine of the land, at least once during your vacation.

3. The land has an exceptional history linked to it. There is an archeological site in Goa, houses built by Pandavas (brothers from a Hindu Mythology) and others. If you desire, choose to explore the State Museum of Goa to find a collection of ancient bronze articles, stone items, wood artifacts, coins, manuscripts and much more.

4. Many of the ancient structures of Goa are in ruins now. These ruins are the best spot for exploring, sightseeing and trekking. The best of all is the Chapora Fort of Portuguese, which stands in Goa for the past 400 years.

5. Goa is not just about the beach. Travel into the water end enjoy the islets around the region. The most important islet of Goa is the Gona Paula, which is famous for heritage sites, picnic spots, monuments, and others.

6. Goa has its link with spirituality. It is not just about Christianity. Visit the Mangueshi Temple, standing for 500 years in Goa. This temple is also famous for chandeliers, lamp tower, water tank, and others.

7. Of all the water activities in Goa, the best of all is fishing. If you want to enjoy luxurious fishing, stay in a houseboat for a couple of days and fish at designated regions. The best place for you to do so is Chapora Lake. You can also skip fishing and enjoy a romantic stay in the houseboat.

8. Every water activity of India can be enjoyed here like boating, scuba diving, surfing, cruise ride, snorkeling and others are open for tourists. Not all beaches are lush with water activities. Stick with the beach of North India to enjoy as many activities as possible.

9. Shopping is an important activity of Goa. There are numerous markets in the land to enjoy shopping. The best of all is the flea market organized near Anjuna Beach, every Wednesday. Top things to buy here are handicrafts, artifacts, souvenirs, clothing, cashew wine, coconut husk articles and so on.

10. All Goa vacations in India would focus on water activities. However, adventure activities are not just associated with water in Goa. Enjoy parasailing, hot air ballooning, camping, trekking, exploring spice plantations, juggling, and other activities in Goa.

11. Goa has many churches within its boundary. If desired, you can take a trip to every religious structure in the city. The best of all is the basilica of Old Goa, which is famous for holding the earthly remains of Saint. Francis Xavier.

12. Goa is party land. Enjoy the nights with the party, booze, dance, music and much more. You can enjoy private parties or take part in social gathering parties, which take place in hotels. Some enjoy bonfire night and entertainment in the beach too.

Apart from these, there are numerous other activities to enjoy in Goa. So never forget to ask about goa packages when you are going to plan a  India tours and enjoy all goa beautiful beaches & places.