Advertisement plays a key role in marketing a product in the market and as they say, the best of advertisements have to be simple, memorable and inviting to look at. Its also said that people remember the best when they are involved in. Videos are the best way to engage an audience when it comes to compelling them to buy into a product or a concept. This is how video production as an industry came into existence.

What is Video Production?

Video production is basically a film using not a film stock but digital content, giving it a feel of a movie. It involves all three stages of production as a conventional film does- a pre-production stage which involves logistics, scriptwriting, scheduling, etc; production stage which involves capturing the video and filming the subject; and post-production stage that involves editing the video and turning it into a meaningful material.

What are Video Production Services?

A production company performs various video production services such as Corporate Photography, Web Designing, producing Digital Content, offering corporate videos, content distribution as well as audio production.

How to Choose the Best?

The production company that does these services must have a solid infrastructure with the following features:

  1. A huge Studio space
  2. Light Grid
  3. Screen Backdrops
  4. Set design
  5. Set construction
  6. Camera packages (preferably HD and 4K)
  7. Teleprompter
  8. Other equipment essential for video processing

Best Companies of 2018 for the Purpose

  1. VeracityColab: a California based company that has 23 employees and charges $150-$199 per hour. It focuses only on video [production.
  2. LAI Video: a Washington based company with 15 employees that charges the same as above and focuses on video production, marketing strategies, and branding.
  3. The DVI Group: a company with its headquarters in Atlanta, with an hourly charge of $100-$149, it focuses on video production and broadcasting videos.
  4. Sparkhouse: another company from California, they charge $100-$149/hr and focuses their service 100% on video production.
  5. Demo Duck: headquartered in Chicago, their charges vary between $100-$149/hour and they focus 100% on video production.
  6. Studio Pigeon: a Poland based company with rates as low as $50-$99/hr, focuses on video production and graphic design.
  7. Ydraw: it’s a company headquartered in Utah and also has an office in las vegas. Its hourly charges are $150-$199 and its services focus on Video Production, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing.
  8. Craftoon: a Poland based company with an office in Saudi Arabia, they charge only $25-$49 per hour and focus on video production only.
  9. New Pace Productions: headquartered in Pennsylvania, this company charges $100-$149 per hour and focuses 100% on video production.
  10. Indigo Productions: a New York-based award-winning company that charges $100-$149 per hour and focuses on video production and video broadcasting.

We live in an age of advertisement where the intensity of visual stimulation goes directly proportional to the sale of the idea. video production service plays a major role in the advertising industry. Most advertisements that we watch on Youtube and other social mediums are nothing but a sheer innovation of a video production company.