You Don’t Want To Be Caught Not Having A Driver’s License on Your Date!


The importance of getting a driver’s license in Florida lies in the fact that in the United States, SIMs also fulfill the function of being an identification document. Imagine you were dating your girlfriend and you were caught not having an ID? That will take you to serious lawsuits therefore in some cases the services that provide California Fake ID are very important. They usually ask the  ID to open a bank account, to collect checks (although this can be done with a passport), in short, in any activity that requires identification of that person.

The advantage of applying for a Florida driver’s license is that you don’t have to walk around with your passport and enjoy occasional discounts when they apply for Florida residents.

If you are from another state, have a valid driver’s license, and move to Florida, you must obtain a Florida driver’s license within 30 days to become a resident of that state, as required by the Florida Licensing Division.

This entity – which has 146 offices in the state – considers you as a resident “if you enroll your children in public schools, or register to vote, or request release from a residence that cannot be determined, or accept employment, or live in Florida, for more than six consecutive months The term “resident” refers to living in the state, not immigration status, it is very likely that if you have a valid driver’s license from another state, you do not need to show a written test or practice exam. Even though you have to do a vision test.

Requirements to get a Florida license

General requirements:

1. Present exams that have theoretical and practical parts. Go to the relevant office first to find an instructional book you will get it in any office or digitally here – that you have to learn and memorize before presenting the test (it can be translated in Spanish, English or Creole). Written tests are presented through a computer that is very easy to use, where answers are included in a simple selection system (there are 20 questions about traffic signs and 20 about traffic and safety laws).

Immediately after passing the theoretical exam, you will be invited to take a pilot where the examiner will observe your ability to control the vehicle and if it complies with traffic laws (only you and the examiner can be in the car).

People with hearing problems can get their license if they have a hearing aid or if they put a special mirror in their car. For details about this, go to the office closest to you. The cost of getting a license for the first time is $ 48 + $ 6.25 from tax.

2- Proof of completion of the Education Course on Traffic Law and Substance Abuse or licenses from other jurisdictions (from other states, from other countries).

3 – 18 years old to get a normal license or 16 years for an internship license with authorization from your legal representative.

Steps for American or Canadian citizens:

1- You can make an appointment by telephone at the nearest licensing office. Call 305,229,6333 Tuesday to Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. or straight away.

2- Serve one of the following documents:

• Original or certified birth certificates from the United States or Canada.
• The valid United States or Canadian passport.
• Naturalization certificate.

Send proof of second identity (one of the following):

• School records include the date of birth.
• baptism certificate.
• Driving license from another state, valid or expired.
• Marriage certificate.
• Social Security Cards, among others.

Citizens with a driver’s license or ID from another state of the country must present it as a primary document and along with another secondary document such as birth certificate, Social Security card, valid US passport or naturalization certificate. The ID is taken with the same requirements.

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