Words of encouragement – a powerful tool, like no other

Words of encouragement – a powerful tool, like no other


The world is full of struggles and obstacles, where every day we look for that ray of sunshine to make it.Now, imagine what it must feel like inside four walls of a prison, where every day is a battleground of its own. A place where everything is monotonous and sad—where there is little contact with the outside world and that ray of hope seems so distant.

In this world of inmates, all you need is that one word of encouragement from those you love the most. Hearing from them can sometimes be healing, bring joy, and most of all give them the strength to go on with the hope of a better future. A postcard, picture card, picture letter, books or magazines, can be that very inspiration which keeps them going.

Writing to inmates isn’t as easy as it looks. All communications are subject to monitoring, which makes tedious and difficult process altogether, but this situation is changing with the introduction of an innovative app called –Inmate Compassion.

Inmate Compassion is the story of Jamey Sill, whose son is incarcerated. He desperately counts his days to be reunited with his family. The four walls of the prison have filled him with loneliness and sadness. However, the thought of his family and friends fills his heart with hope and positivity.

Quoting her son: “Getting mail in there is like ‘getting gold’; It is priceless!”

Here, began the story of building Inmate Compassion, an app where you can send a postcard, picture card, picture letter, books or magazines. These may look like ‘things’ to you and me, but to people incarcerated, it is their world. A world where they find that ray of sunshine, which you and I look for after a tough day.

People who are incarcerated frequently struggle with feeling alone, especially those in solitary confinement or those who don’t have regular visitors. Writing to them on a regular basis offers them hope and comfort. In a place that is full of discouragement, letters and picture cards are not just mere communication, affirmation and encouragement that go a long way. Another thing to note is that prisoners who keep in contact with family and friends are often more successful and cope better once released, they are less likely to re-offend.

When we write to those incarcerated, we are not only sharing a word of encouragement but also providing a sense of therapy from the stresses of the prison. Often, people who are incarcerated are those who have faced certain hardships in life, especially when growing up. Writing to them is very important because these words of encouragement can change their attitude and bring positivity into their lives.

One kind word of encouragement can be life-changing. It will always put a smile on someone’s face and lift their spirits. In life, we all have the ability to encourage others, so why not? Especially with an app like Inmate Compassion which makes sending messages simpler.

In the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the prison, inmates often lose their self-confidence. Writing to them puts courage in where it is lacking, where there are uncertainty and doubt. It is a reminder to them that someone out their thinks they are worth waiting for and gives them the needed boost.

Inmates often feel powerless, and to them makes them feel empowered and changes their perception. When you write to them, their perception changes and becomes more positive. Knowing that someone is waiting for them at the end of their sentence gives them the motivation to improve their lives and become productive members of society.

Prison can be, everyone around you is a stranger. This is where writing can become the most powerful tool to offer comfort. Words of encouragement from your family become a form of love. It puts courage back where it has been lost due to fear.

Encouragement is such a powerful tool, we often don’t realize. Therefore, it’s so important to be compassionate. Encourage and motivate them. Give them that little push and make them the person who you thought was always possible.

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