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WooCommerce vs Magento : A Complete Guide of 2019


It’s important to place your online store on the right platform because if you choose the option of a CMS that does not support your immediate and future plans, then it can put you in a difficult position later on. Therefore, it is better to do the necessary research which will not only save your time and effort in the future but also save your lots of costs. Thus we are here to give a quick comparison on WooCommerce vs Magento.

We are here to judge both WooCommerce and Magento(the WordPress E-commerce plugin) in the following categories as we did at our new show:

  • Features
  • Performance and speed
  • Security
  • Ease of use
  • Support
  • Cost


Magento gets a head start because as far as the features are concerned, Magento is in the hands of the King. When you can make a basic store using WooCommerce, the desire to make anything complicated can trump you. On the other hand, Magento allows you to create a complex and feature-rich store with all your needs and desires. You can customize the shop as you wish, add additional features to your customers, or add advanced filter options to help customers navigate easily, take WordPress Support as a reference.

Although this is not entirely the fault of WooCommerce WooCommerce is a simple shopping cart and boiled for bare bones, it’s just a plugin that adds e-commerce functionality to WordPress. On the contrary, Magento is a full dedicated CMS for e-commerce businesses. When WooCommerce can play well with hundreds and thousands of other WordPress plugins, Magento is the platform that you really want to base your online store.

Performance and speed

Magento is often accused of being an old soul. Users complain that Magento is slow and especially backend is a real slack. However, if you are wondering why Magento 2 is slow, you will realize that this is the way to optimize your store and backend by most users who decide the answer to the question.

The speed and performance of a website also depend on the development and number of plugins and extensions you use. Your web host also plays an important role (this is why we always recommend that our users host CloudWigway Magento), so much depends on external factors. Therefore, when both Magento and WooCommerce come down to take action, then there is no clear idea


Both WooCommerce and Magento let you apply advanced security measures. However, it is important to do everything from your end, CMS should address the security concerns themselves adequately, and where Magento separates itself.

Ease of use

Magento is a strong CMS and it’s not a novice-friendly platform. While there is wider authoritative documentation where you can learn a lot, there is no way in which anyone can master the platform and deploy an online store with full functionality. You must have at least intermediate knowledge of the forum to get started.

WooCommerce is early-friendly and even if you do not have any knowledge of the e-commerce platform, but it’s easy to find your way through this WordPress plugin. And to help you with a multitude of documentation and tutorials, WooCommerce is a safe bet for many people.


However, WooCommerce has a relatively new entry in comparison with Magento both in 2011 and 2007 respectively. With the beginning of four years, Magento is the real group of e-commerce scope, and besides this, you have a huge community for Magento, which is ready to help, in addition to the support from official papers and a pile of guides. WooCommerce is not far behind, but since Magento has a very active and large community, you can reach it, it puts the competition on edge.

We are leaving Magento Edition paid with dedicated support since the competition (WooCommerce) is a free CMS, but the user can always consider the fact that if they ever need to get their business up a notch If Magento Enterprise Edition is an excellent option, for better support.


However, using a great product comes with no cost to pay a fee, and if you opt for WooCommerce, you can pay more for that cost. While WooCommerce is a great option for beginner level stores, over time you will feel that it is limited in its capabilities. On the contrary, in the free version of Magento, you get much more flexibility and the ability to play together and you can grow your store without any difficulty.

Magnets are looking for paid options, but with an $18000 discount per month with their Enterprise Edition, this is not a great option for the startup or mid-size online stores. However, we are counting you to take your business to that point in which you need that enterprise version, and we will continue to cross our fingers.


And this is the end of our Magento vs. WooCommerce Showdown. While much depends on your needs and needs, the option is clear. If you are looking for a small online store, but you do not have any real experience using CMS, then WooCommerce is a great choice. However, if your plans include increasing your business, increasing your security over time, and challenging eBay and Amazon in the near future, the option is clear.


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