Wired vs Wireless Headphones

Wired vs Wireless Headphones – Which are Better?


When it comes for buying a set of headphones, people usually have conflicting thoughts, whether to have a wired set of headphones or wireless? Purchasing headphones vary upon the requirements and the needs. A good pair of headphones will last long if you invested on the right one.

In order to get know what of headphones you need wither wired or wireless? There are certain things which you need to consider.

Following are some factors based on which you can decide what are the best headphones for you.

Auditory Quality

Auditory Quality

Wired headphones offer explicitly more intense sound quality as its interference problems are rare. Wired headphones have high definition quality, ensuring that your songs will sound great and enthralling any time you listen.

On contemporary, the wireless headphone does not offer much of the audio quality. It lacks due to the interfering depending upon the how far you are from the connected device and in which environment you are. As signal strength weakens, the more interference you’ll experience but this could avoid if you keep your device nearby or it also varies upon which brand you’re using. The Higher the specs and quality, the lesser degradation in sound quality.


Talking about the wireless headphones, they provide ease if you’re on a jog or walk you’ll not feel anything weighing down. Wireless headphones assist you well while you’re on workout session as it stays in ears for long.

Another good thing is that you’re free from cords getting tangled or accidentally getting stuck to others obstacles on your way. Whether you’re at your bed listening to any broadcasting news or doing any household chores has made it easier with the wireless headphones.

But on other hands, if you’re a computer-based operator then wired headphones are ultimately the best solution. An over ear headphones probably good for office work as you’re negotiating with the client’s problem, the better the sound quality the better would be hearing and negotiating with problems.


It’s a really important factor to be considered while purchasing headphones to ensure that is it compatible with a variety of devices or not.

On Contemporary, many of the smartphone companies getting rid of headphones jacks, for example, Latest iPhones and HTC set. iPhone 7 requires an additional adapter to connect 3.5mm wired cable with the device as its jack free. For the long run, it’s better to think twice whether to stay with wired headphones or the jack-free ones.

Many wired headphones use 3.5mm wired cable but it isn’t the only way to listen to your favorite music with wired ones, there a lot of plenty other ways like as mentioned before the iPhone 7 lightening headphone and USB-C connector headphones.

As the market is populating the jack-free headphones it doesn’t mean that we don’t consider that headphone jacks are going to vanish from the market anytime soon.
If you’re a gamer, then it’s better to have some wired headphones as the sound quality is still better and intensive for Desktop/ PCs.

Battery Life

Despite all other factors, when it’s come to battery life people often prefer wired headphones which usually doesn’t require any charging. You just have to plunge it into your device and start listening on the go. However, in some cases, the wired headphones use battery whenever using the active noise cancellation feature.
On other hands, wireless always requires some battery source. There is AAA or AA battery for recharging the wireless set of headphone. The matter of fact that every Bluetooth headphone needs to be charged on time. If you run out of the battery in the middle of your work than it would be a really terrible experience.

Price and Quality

Price and Quality

Price and quality vary on what you’re going to shop and the model you purchase. Varieties of headphones are being manufactured and the prices with these devices may fluctuate with time. Higher the price, the higher will be chances to get a better quality headphone.

If you want the essential headphones then wired one is really cost-effective. It may lack the stylish features but at least it can connect to your device and provide basic fulfillment of your need.

But if you want a new and latest model, then you’ll more like to pay a high cost for it. As technology is evolving very rapidly, the prices will vary from time to time.

The Choice is yours

Deciding between wired or wireless headphones could be difficult but the decision is totally upon your requirements, whichever suits you the best. There’s a wide range of pros and cons for both of the devices, but if you take a look at your lifestyle needs then you’ll probably get to know what suits you the best.
According to your lifestyle and budgeting criteria narrow down the list of the headphones that you like and pick one which best fits you.

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