WiFi in Education

Why We Need WiFi in Education


As the first semester of my Freshman year in college year came to a close, I was required to register for my second-semester classes. The Wifi in my dorm room typically ran slow but that was not a concern for me at the moment, I had classes to sign up for. The day of registration, I logged in and realized I had not Wifi. No Wifi meant no registering, which meant that I would have a more difficult time getting accepted into all the classes I needed to complete all my prerequisites.

After running to the library and connecting to the internet there, I was able to register. Having experienced this minor inconvenience, I realized how much my school depended on Wifi and how vital it was for everyone, not just the students. Growing up, I was the generation that got introduced to utilizing the internet for school and was slowly transitioned from paperwork to computer work. Wifi is the most important for that transition.

Most assignments are needed to be completed and turned in digitally, which means that students need Wifi in order to do so. Professors or teachers may also post lectures and different materials online for the students to access if in any case class could not be held in the classroom. Schools also benefit from Wifi because it allows students and teachers to stay connected through sending emails, which allows students to get the extra help they may need.

Wifi enables students to be able to stay connected and up to date with everything going on with the school as well. At college, everything was set up online. All classes had a calendar created on our school website that allowed students to see what homework they had due when or when upcoming tests were. The system is efficient and allowed the students to independently hold themselves accountable, which ultimately helps them to become more reliable adults.

Without Wifi, there would be a lot more paper usage, which would cost the students more money, and the students could easily blame their lack of hard work and completion on the teachers’ miscommunication. A lot of homework assignments are also set up so that students can complete and submit them online. This allows both the teacher and the student to be more organized with all the assignments. Without Wifi at the school, the student would have to travel off campus in order to complete their assignment which would make it more difficult, especially for those individuals who do not have any means of transportation.

Having Wifi on campus allows students to have resources that are easily accessible. Students can use the internet to contact different professors or teachers for help with homework. It also allows them to create study groups with other individuals because they are able to communicate online if they are unable to meet in person. Projects are much easily completed online, as group members are all able to access the project online. This saves the group to each work on the project when they have time to fit it into their schedules.

In college, this was especially helpful because we all had very different classes and being able to go online and add information to presentations or projects whenever we could be saved a lot of time. Wifi also allowed students to get tutored over the internet as well. Schools offer a variety of services that you can receive from your classroom or even dorm room. Students are able to connect with different individuals to receive help with classes. Having Wifi available at school is very beneficial for students to stay connected and receive help when they have time to.

Schools need Wifi on campus to allow students to submit information the school needs online. As students go from school to school or begin college, a variety of medical information is required. Schools need Wifi to enable students to submit their information and fill out forms at the school. Schools also typically have a website where they post different events that are going on throughout the school as well as the community.

Students are able to connect to these websites through the Wifi, allowing them to participate in more events and activities through the school and community. These websites also help promote different scholarships and job opportunities that students can apply for. Having Wifi available at the school creates an opportunity for students to fill out different applications at the school with the help of teachers’ or other school faculties.

In the end, Wifi is crucial to the modernization of schools and the success of students, according to RouterInstructions. Wifi allows students to have a never-ending access to resources that help better their education. Students will also stay more involved and connected with both the school and the community with the help of Wifi.

Wifi also allows students to be independent with their study which creates more reliable individuals, as they have to be on top of getting their work done and submitted on time. Most everything is required to be submitted online at schools, which allows individuals to develop more time management and technology skills. All of which is important for careers and life outside of school and could not be done without the use of Wifi.


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