Injection Molding Robots

Why Universal Robot’s Injection Molding Robots are perfect for your Industry


When thinking of automation, robots have proven to be the best machines for the task. With the subject of robot workers still being a dispute for most people, the truth is; robots are the future.

To achieve a competitive advantage in today’s market, you need robots in your processes from the repetitive and tedious tasks, to the complex computations.

Universal Robots, a Danish robot-manufacturing company, has come up with a solution to your automation problems. It has developed Collaborative robots to suit most of your manufacturing processes.

Molding injection is one such task. The company’s injection robot is one of the best in the market. With it by your side, your productivity and efficiency are bound to improve.

Below we look into the features that make this robot an invaluable tool for companies.


  • Compatibility with Employees


Although robots have been in the industry for a long time, their most significant flow has been their ability to work with humans. Traditional robots had to operate in locked cages to avoid any harm to humans. This limited how much and how fast tasks could be completed.

With the injection molding robotic arms from universal robots, the operation is quite different. These robots are programmed to work closely with humans without posing any damage to them.

They are fitted with numerous sensors to detect obstacles ahead, and are able to stop or slow their operations with motion. 

These robots, therefore, ensure that tasks are completed much faster.


  • Flexibility in operations


Regardless of the size of your manufacturing industry, it’s never too early to invest in an injection molding robot. This is because to be competitive enough; you need to have the right tools.

The robotic arms from Universal robots are adaptable to both large scale and small-scale systems. It can thus be modified to handle the more intensive aspects of your operations.

Learning how to program these robots is also quite easy, and as such, you can reprogram the robot to complete a task.

The robot arms can also be used to complete more than one task in case of a production upscale. This makes it perfect for your industry.


  • Speed and Accuracy


By default, robots were designed to be fast and accurate. Universal Robots has adhered to this principle when coming up with the injection molding robotic arm.

The injection molding process can be quite delicate when operated by humans. It requires a great deal of accuracy and precision to supply a consistent fluid dose to mold for a long time.

During the high season, when the orders are high, it may also be hard to produce the same quality products to all your customers without compromising on quality.

The robotic arms are, however, much better. Due to their programming, they complete the injection molding process quickly with the utmost accuracy and precision.

As a result, even during the high season, your company can be relied upon for quality products.


  • Effect on the working environment


Besides the threats of robotic harm, the employee’s health concerns also affect working productivity. Tasks such as injection molding bear a lot of risks to the employees if anything goes wrong.

You can thus incur hefty fines and lawsuits when an employee is hurt working under challenging conditions. Furthermore, you may lose your employees due to injuries and thus end up understaffed.

Using these injection molding robotic arms in such tasks, therefore, frees the workers to enjoy a peaceful and safe condition. 

As a result, workers get to work much better and hence, experience an improved productivity.


There are a couple more reasons why these robots may be perfect for your business. They reduce your production costs, reduce wastage, and have a high ROI.  Moreover, their effect on production, efficiency, and convenience is unparalleled.

Everyone is running towards automation, and thus, acquiring this robot is but one step in the right direction.  Remember, if you want to achieve market dominance, you have to take the risk!

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