Why telecom operators don’t provide old duplicate bills online?


Counting a great number of mushrooming telecom providers in India. The country has hosted and embraced each company according to the terms and condition it offers. Though following regulations from the TRAI body. India telecom companies keep records of different happens for certain duration. Users can request for different calls records and also billing / payment.

Most companies give duration which doesn’t cover the whole year. Here users can download or dial up certain codes and statement from the payments will be sent. This being a convenient way to learn how certain amounts were spent. Beyond the said time frame users have to visit different telecom offices for manual reports of jiofi.local.html wifi password.

Telecom companies follow guidelines from the TRAI and will not solve any dispute if users don’t follow the right procedure or if the said time is past. Note each provider has their own policy which they ought to follow. Let’s take the BSNL company, which can offer bills online for up to 12 months.

Downloading a bills can be challenging but with simple procedure form BSNL this takes seconds. They can download both the old and new bills which range with the given time. BSNL ranking among the biggest telecom companies in India has a special quick payment portal. Accessible to all clients and can send messages to the user’s mobile phone.

Receiving a duplicated bill is the hardest concept for all companies. When clients demand for new bill it can be challenging. Clients might have lost their bill or just deleted it. the BSNL company has solved the issue by creating a portal where users can serve and download the bills without any help. They have two official ways where clients can also get the downloads at self-care portal.

BSNL duplicate bill online

  • BSNL bill payment portal: Here users can only download the recent bills only.
  • BSNL self-care portal: users can get their old bills plus new invoices.

Focusing on the self-care portal which is flexible as clients can get duplicated bills, downloading and saving them for reference.

How to download BSNL bill online?

First the user has to be register to the self-care account. from here they can follow the given steps.

  • Navigate to the self-care portal and login to the BSNL self-care account.
  • On the home page “my account page will show”
  • Select the BSNL landline billing account number on the page.
  • You will get two option of present bill or download the BSNL old bill and other bills.
  • The system will open new page giving all options.
  • Now select the “view bills” this is found under the bills and payment menu.
  • With tis the system will show customer and billing information. The invoice number, bill dates and the ending dates
  • After checking for the bill you require the page offers a download option on the bill you choose.
  • Now select the download tab and there the bill will be produced in PDF form. It can be saved in your default folder.

Note you can get the duplicated bill online without the need of visiting the BSNL center. However, this has to be within the given time frame and also using the given procedure above.

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