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Why Indian Call Centers are Unbeatable in Outsourcing Sector?


The uncertainty that arises in the business world has opened the door for outsourcing to place its foot firmly in the industry. Since the early 90s, several big organizations have started delegating their business functions to India. Although outsourcing was initially assumed as big firm’s strategy, several start-ups and SMBs have now started to rely more on this business tactic. The reason is the kind of results India call centres have offered to the businesses across the USA, UK, Australia, etc.

Indian call centre industry has held a monopoly in the global outsourcing world. There is absolutely zero competition Indian service providers are getting from other nations. Various countries (Philippines, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia) are trying to come up in the race to become the new leader of outsourcing in the world but none has succeeded till now.

And there are quite obvious reasons for this dominant lead. But before we go through the compelling reasons, let’s first take a look at some of the amazing facts of the Indian call centre industry.

Indian Call Center: Facts

  • The revenue of the Indian call centre sector in the year 2017 was $ 651 million, which has reached a staggering $ 710 million till date.
  • India holds a whopping 66% of the call centres of the entire world.
  • Back office sector accounted for 8% of the GDP of India.
  • Big tech Giants like Microsoft and Apple still outsource their major support operations to India.

Why India Call Centres are the leaders in the global outsourcing sector?

India is a nation that holds thousands of call centres that are offering an unparalleled level of service experience to customers across the world. This industry is more than 2 decades old and there are is another outsourcing nation that has such extensive prowess and experience in the domain.

But why did the Western companies despite all the ambiguities turn back to Indian call centres for assistance? Here are a few reasons that will let you know what is actually helping the Indian outsourcing industry to remain on the top:

Colossal English speaking workforce

With 125 million people speaking fluent English, India stands second in the list of countries with the highest population conversing in the dialect. No other nation has such a vast range of people who are so well-versed with the language, apart from the United States. This puts best India call centre steps ahead of their competitors.


There is a reason that almost all of the western tech companies route towards Indian call centres for their outsourcing requirements. India produces 5 million graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics combined (also termed as STEM).

Hence, the tech-savvy population of India is a great resource for IT and related companies that are craving for efficient and expert tech-assistance for their customers. Along with this, India also produces around 5, 20,000 post-graduates each year and around 1.5 million engineers specifically.

So, there is no issue of resource when it comes to providing quality and professional support. In addition to this, since Indians are tech-savvy, call centers here are continuously updating their technology and tools with the latest trends in the market, giving another reason for businesses to select them.

BPO-friendly government

India is the largest democracy in the world, with 130 billion people at its bay. People are the real power of the Indian call center industry. However, the Indian government has also played a significant role in uplifting the stature of Indian call center sector. Western organizations feel safe and secure when they are dealing with a nation whose government is quite encouraging about outsourcing.

The valuable expertise

As said, India call centre industry holds a vast experience of 2 decades or more. This means that any business owner who wants professional and seamless service from outsourcing, there is no better alternative than India.

I have been reading a lot of Philippines beating India in the race of call centers but those are just words, numbers narrate another story.

Indian call center agents are so experienced and knowledgeable that the level of customer experience they offer is just incomparable to any other nation.

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