There has been an array of technology released many years ago, but even today it is still booming and, in many ways, irreplaceable. We will talk about three pieces of technology that we cannot envisage a way that these could be changed. Maybe there will be a new version of each, but right now, we really can’t see how. Even if blockchain technologies take over, they will still use encryption, VPN concepts, and the basic concept of torrenting is not too dissimilar to the way in which blockchain technology works. We are not talking about the continuous upgrades of the amazing invention of the smartphone, but instead,

We are talking about online tech that I still very popular even though it has not gone through that much of an upgrade or had any many challenges.

1. Torrents

Torrents seem to be here to stay. This network of people sharing data bits in order to download movies, software, free books, and other online gadgets seems to have remained the same. So, there have been a few network upgrades and pieces of software released for torrent, but in general, the concept has remained unchanged with no future plans to change the way this technology works. 

That said, we should all keep our eyes out on the blockchain technologies that are coming out because someone could come up with a new way to torrent with total anonymity. You can check out the best torrent sites here.

2. VPNs

Encryption admittedly continues to upgrade, but as far as the concept of a VPN goes, it is hard to see that there is anything that could replace the way they work. By the way, VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’. It is a system in which a virtual and highly encrypted tunnel is created between two devices. Rather than just using a 4G or 5G connection or an internet router to directly go out onto the internet using your device’s IP address and physical network name, a VPN server will do this on your behalf.

That’s all there is to it. The encryption is so strong if the correct protocol is used, there is very little chance of a hacker getting into the connection, and let’s be honest, anyone out there hacking is likely going to be looking for people that are not tech-savvy enough to use a VPN or even know what one is.

3. Private Encryption Software

It’s hard to see that could encryption because of the very nature that it is. Encryption basically scrambles all your data making it impossible for someone that gets hold of the data bits in the string of code using encryption being sent. There are billions if not trillions of unique keys and anyone string of code of encryption could be using any one of these unique keys. 

We mentioned the best torrent sites above, and these all use high-grade encryption because let’s face it – torrenting is against the law or at least is a Copywrite infringement tool. There are simple encryption programs out there that use anyone of let’s say 100 keys – it would not take long for a hacker to figure this out at all. However, nearly all encryption is advanced – especially in business, and so it’s hard to conceive of any other technology that could possibly replace it.