What Qualities Should You Look For In The Best Marketing Speakers?


All businesses are seeking that elusive service to keep the company ahead of its competition- namely a business or marketing speaker. This implies investing in the wisdom of an outsider, a professional speaker.
Companies desire the services of a speaker, who offers techniques, tools, and knowledge, which really improve the bottom-line and returns of the business. They are seeking the following qualities in best marketing speakers:


Speakers who have never left their ivory towers can offer a few good ideas. But it is the speakers who have lived and worked in the trenches, who can relate to the topics under discussion and the issues faced by you and your team.

Distinct message

A good speaker cannot offer anything useful if he does not present anything new under the sun. If he harps about old and jaded topics, he is not of any use. A good speaker presents something unique or a different delivery of an old message. He has new ways to bring timeless truths to new scenarios and market conditions.

Presents actionable content

Even high flying philosophy can prove useful as long as it is translated into something practical and valuable for use in current times.

Simplifies the complex

Few problems have simple solutions. Also, solutions to complex problems are seldom easy. Good speakers can make simple, the complicated ideas they are presenting. Simplified content has the power to move mountains.

Relates to the audience

Good content may be zero content if it is not absorbed by anyone. The message of the speaker is lost if the audience cannot relate to his content and style. Thought this is purely subjective, you must listen to your gut feeling about selecting a speaker to whom the audience can connect with.

Offers options for follow up

Majority of speakers with powerful content are assigned an hour or less for their presentation. This is enough time to train for some vital lessons. However, the best content invariably needs resources that help you, and your team delves deeper into it.

Presenting and facilitating

A good presenter puts up a good show on the stage. A good facilitator encourages the audience to join the conversation and boosts the discussion. It is tough to find a person with both qualities, but if you do, you have found a treasure.

Experience in writing

The best marketing speakers typically put their thoughts down in article or books about their various ideas. This offers them credibility to connect with your audience and provides resources that can help reinforce such ideas. The speakers who have refined their message in written mode tend to have excellence which accompanies precision.

Has a funny bone

Speakers tend to bore audiences if they have an academic and dry presentation. The most serious topic requires some comic relief. The best speakers can lighten the mood and make the audience smile and laugh.

Has broad experiences

You will like a speaker who has extensive experience in a variety of industries. Though you may be looking for someone with experience in your specific line of work, the wider the industry experience, the more ideas they will have to contribute to your business.

Good track record

Top marketing or business speakers can provide an impressive list of clients, who are willing and enthusiastic about recommending their services. It is good if the track record of the company includes some raving fans.
These are all some qualities that are desirable in a marketing or business speaker.

Jordan Long
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