What is the Job Description of a Strategic Planner?

Strategic Planner

Are you running your organization without stringent strategic planning? If you’re looking to start a business of your own or to run a company it is not at all possible without having a proper strategic plan. A boat without a sail is meant to drown, and to run a business without it is like driving across the country blindfolded.

Simply put, strategic planning is an activity that organizations use to help them set their priorities right, strengthen operations, ensure that the employees and the stakeholder’s idea match with one another and that they’re working towards the same goal. It is an effort that strengthens the organization together and helps in producing fundamental actions and decisions. Effective strategic not only pave how the organization must move ahead but also articulates where it should be.

A strategist is often someone who can define the company’s direction and develop plans in order to identify business objectives. They’re the ones responsible for analyzing and evaluating business plans that involve market analysis, competitive intelligence analysis, and financial forecasting etc. Being a strategic planner is considered as one of the most desirable job roles in an organization. Being in frequent contact with senior management is one of the perks of becoming a strategic planner. Although, initially you will be hired as a strategic planning associate or manager. As you advance in your job role and responsibilities one will be given the opportunity to direct strategy and business strategy framework.

Role and Responsibilities of a Strategic Planner

The roles and responsibilities include-

  • Defining the organization’s direction and developing a plan to realize the company’s objectives and ensure it maintains the competitive advantage and helps allocate resources appropriately.
  • The major skill of a strategic planner includes strategic thinking. One must be exceptionally great with their analytical thinking and have a strong organizational ability.
  • As a strategic planner, one should understand the company’s strategy and its goals.
  • Be able to construct forecasts and analytical models.
  • Align processes and department goals with the strategy planned.
  • Help giving out support and insight shift towards organizational changes.

A candidate looking to enter this field should have proven experience as a strategic planner or a business consultant. Understanding of data analysis and market research is crucial with expertise in business operations and procedures. A candidate with an analytical mind and problem-solving skills is an added advantage. Should be great with organizational skills and leadership qualities.

Business strategy certification is one ideal way to get started with this career prospect. One can always leverage the skills and knowledge and learn the skills that companies are looking to hire for currently. This is the best way to contribute to your organization provided one is looking to remain competitive in today’s job market.

Looking at today’s competitive business environment, be it a small organization or large businesses, every organization needs to have a business strategy framework to survive and flourish. The process of strategic planning enables stakeholders, directors, and managers to commit themselves in implementing strategies to evaluate the company’s progress, adjusting and long term achievements.

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