Kraft paper is also known as paperboard and cardboard, but it is slightly different from others. It is naturally brown, which indicates that it has not passed from the process of bleaching. It is useful for the packaging of products of every type from the most fragile to the robust. Kraft wine bags are the strongest of them all. They give ultimate protection to the product during shipping and handling at the retailer. Kraft paper is highly customizable in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs that represent the brand most effectively. Kraft packaging is also cheaper than the others and sustainable.

The packaging is the most important aspect of building any business. Every product that comes in the market is pack in some kind of box that offers relevant information about the product and the brand, which makes it easy for customers to make a purchase. Besides this, containment is a key to make any product popular among the customers and in a competitive market. 

What use is of the designing and printing long with unique shapes if the product is not safe inside the box and gets damaged during shipping or handling at the retailer? 

We never know, anything could happen.

The packaging industry has revolutionized the market and the way products used to be packed and presented in the market. It is because of the most advanced and latest customization techniques such as die-cutting, printing, foiling, embossing, and laminations. They offer customers the freedom of creating custom packaging in the most versatile manner.

You can choose the material of your choice, unique shapes, sizes that perfectly fit the product, and custom printing. It enhances the outlook of the product and also provides ultimate protection to the product. There are a lot of materials used for product packaging but few are capable of giving the ultimate packaging that is all-rounder such as paper packaging. It includes cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard, etc.

Kraft paper is one of the versatile and unique when it comes to customization. It is widely using in wine businesses for product packaging. The reason behind its popularity is that they offer the ultimate protection to delicate glass bottles that are using for wine containment. Kraft wine bags have carved their way into the market so artistically that there is no reason not to use them.

If you are looking for something effective and efficient for your new business or even you are planning to change your current packaging, Kraft paper wine bags are the way to go. 

Let’s see how these bags effectively fulfill all your product and brand needs along with the most important, protection.

Variable Strength:

Kraft papers come in different types that vary according to their strength such as sack paper or sack Kraft paper. This type of Kraft paper is porous, it offers the most high-end protection to the product. It is highly elastic, which makes it the most durable and tear resistance. From food items to coffee, melons, clothes, medicines, popcorn, cosmetics, to soaps, kraft paper has become a norm.

The strength of Kraft paper is highly remarkable yet it can be enhanced by adding corrugated sheets which makes it perfect for wine packaging. A high-end and quality wine is always packing in a bottle that needs outer protection to keep it safe. 

Kraft wine bottle bags made up of corrugated Kraft paper gives protection like anything. They are non-collapsible, which keeps the products safe inside during shipping and travelling or handling at the retailer.


It is not only about the product and designs but it is important not to overlook the functionality of the product boxes. A box that takes hours to open or need hundreds of tools to get it open, or is so hard that it destroys the product in the process of opening a box, is always a no. customers do not like to spend years on package opening.

Kraft paper wine bottle bags have a shape that is not only attractive but the most convenient, which makes it easy to load or unload the bottle. Its wide closure makes it easy for the customers to use the product boxes most effectively. 

Along with an easy closure, they have a flat bottom that lies on the surface perfectly flat, avoiding any falling, spillage, and breakage.

Additional protection:

Custom Kraft wine bags are the most versatile when it comes to protection. You can use them as cushioning inside the boxes to keep the product safe from any kind of damage. It also performs well as an anti-drop insulator, and are way better than the shrink films to pack your wine bottles in a style.


Besides protection, these bags offer a unique and the most luxurious product packaging as it is highly graphics friendly. You can easily make these boxes or paper bags the most luxurious with custom prints, logo, imagery, and other custom techniques like window cut-outs, foiling, embossing, and laminations which make these papers bags the most luxurious and aesthetically appealing. 


There are a lot of perks of using Kraft paper packaging for wine and any other product because they are the most sustainable when it comes to the responsibility and the environment we live in. 

Kraft paper is highly eco-friendly. It is bio-degradable and recyclable which leaves no waste behind. Not only these, but they are tasteless, odorless, non-polluted and toxin-free, which makes it perfect for food packaging and any other type of packaging as it is free of all the guilt of ruining the environment.


What a bit of luck!

Kraft paper bags are not only the most attractive, sustainable, and durable but also the most affordable. Kraft Wine Bags wholesale is cheapest when it comes to customization and especially when they are buying in bulk. It is because wholesale vendors always deal in bulk. Higher the number of items in a lot, the lesser the price per unit. 

It does not matter if you are a small business or you are selling online, it is not an issue if you are new in the market or if you are already a big brand that needs to change their brand image, Kraft paper packaging is a way to go. 

Be unique and creative with your wine packaging as customization is free of all the limits.