What is The Best Data Governance Approach

Data Governance Approach

Enterprises have started treating data as an asset which can help them improve their performance and increase their revenue. They have started engaging data management services which help them in handling and analyzing information which helps them in making informed decisions. In order to keep the information management process efficient, they have also started to take help from data governance services. These agencies oversee the whole process to ensure that the entire data management initiative remains productive.

In this blog, we will discuss what is the best data governance approach for a corporate organization.

Exercising Complete Control Over The Process

One of the simplest approaches to data governance is to create a body that exercises total control over the entire procedure. Companies can create a data governance council which will then assign specific roles to all the people. This body will also choose the tools and processes that will be used by people to manage, transform and analyze data elements.

It will also lay down the rules according to which information will be accessed and relayed among various sections. Many organizations also use a reward or punish policy to ensure that the staff members understand the value of maintaining the standards of data assets. The governing body also assesses the productivity of the whole initiative in terms of monetary returns.

For instance, it will calculate the amount of money saved because of the governance program or how much more revenue was generated by the decisions facilitated by the new initiative. However, the instructive tone of communication can put off the person who may look upon the whole program as a burden along with their regular duties.

Asking The Data Stewards To Do The Needful

The other data governance approach is to ask the people already having the ownership of various data elements to shoulder the governance responsibilities. Usually, the senior executives who are already working with processes or data assets are assigned roles in the program. The whole initiative is made part of the company policy and employees are expected to carry out the requisite duties themselves.

Instead of instructing each and every staff member involved in the management of information, the executives identified in the beginning are assigned the responsibility of ensuring that the whole process is governed properly. In this approach, the governing body looks at the quality of data to evaluate the effectiveness of the governance program. They calculate the costs involved in storage, management, transformation, and analysis of data to see if there has been a reduction or not. The program utilizes the tools and processes already in place for meeting its objective and does not invest in any new facility.

Educating People To Take Responsibility

Organizations are trying to take an innovative route for the governance initiative which involves finding appropriate people who are working with data in different capacities. Educating them to take the responsibility of overseeing the whole program forms the basis of this program. All processes and systems that are part of the management initiative are governed but without any extra levels added to them. The focus is on improvement and all personnel associated with the initiative are encouraged to better their efforts.

The productivity of the governance program is evaluated by finding out whether the operational efficiency and the analytical capabilities showed an improvement or not. All the tools and procedures being used by the corporation are constantly assessed to see what will be needed by the enterprise in the future. In fact, the governance program tries to find in-house solutions that will be helpful in meeting its requirements.


Corporate organizations must assess their own structure and working culture before finalizing a particular data governance approach as each one has its own advantages and drawbacks. They must also identify the objectives that they hope to realize with the initiative before choosing an appropriate method.

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