What is siri in iphone

What is siri in iphone


Siri is a built in assistant coming with Apple iphone, iPad and iPod, which is also called apple-users’ voice-controlled personal assistant or intelligent assistant. Siri was first introduced with the iphone 4S as a feature on October 14, 2011, after which it is an integral part of iOS in iOS 5 or later.

The feature of serial is its natural language voice controlled system which can respond to your words and you can do your iphone task by speaking without typing. In this feature you can talk with your iphone and request a lot of predefined tasks, then the serie responds to your point of view (text-to-speech technology).

What Should we Ask Siri ?

After we know that what is siri in iphone then we must know about what should we ask to siri. Siri is designed as a human language personal assistant. This means you should talk to her just like she was a human, and if she can do what you are asking, it should work. You can experiment by asking her almost anything. You might be surprised at just what she can understand or even some of the funny questions she can answer. Here are a few of the basics:

  • Siri can find nearby restaurants and events. Just ask, “Find nearby pizza” or “What movies are playing?”
  • Siri can set a reminder. Just say, “Remind me to take the dog for a walk at 9 PM.”
  • Siri can set a timer. Just say, “Timer 30 seconds.” This one is great for cooking.
  • Siri can check the weather with one word: “Weather.”
  • Siri will update your status if you say, “Update my Facebook status to: Just watched Doctor Who and loved it.” She can also tweet.

More example of Siri Task

  • Sending e-mails & text messages
  • Finding specific messages in your email inbox
  • Search name from contacts
  • Find your friends
  • help to locate on Maps

How to turn on Siri

Siri by default is enabled in all supported devices and you have to hold the phone by pressing the Home button for a few seconds to open its interface and Siri interface starts. Even if the serial does not start then it means either it is disabled in the iOS device or your iOS device does not support because it is outdated.

How Does It Work

What is siri in iphone ? Siri works by sending your voice to Apple’s servers for an interpretation and then turning that interpretation into an action. Unfortunately, this means Siri does not work if you are not connected to the Internet.

One major benefit of sending your voice to Apple is that the engine interpreting your voice commands is much more powerful than could exist on the iPad. It can ‘learn’ your voice, picking up on your accent to better understand what you say the more you use the service. You can even get your Mac to activate Siri by voice if you want.

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