AWS Consulting

What is AWS Consulting Partner and How It Helps?


Amazon Web Server is a secure cloud service platform which offers computing power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help the business scale and grow.

Levels of consulting partnership provide

There are 4 levels in which AWS can become a consultant partner for you. Each level has its own requirements and benefits that it provides and depending on the person who is asking for the partnership and his/her requirements they offer the services. These levels are:-



  • Complete Online
  • APN Partner Profile

Benefits provided of Registered Users

  • APN Portal Access
  • APN Webcasts
  • Online training and AWS Accreditations
  • Discount on INstructor-led training
  • Access to APN learning Path

This kind of partnership is generally offered to the institutes/companies who are training the students/employees on how to use these services.



  • APN Programming Fees:-$2500/year
  • AWS Billings:- $1000
  • AWS Accreditation as well as Certifications

Benefits provided to Standard Users

  • All the ones which were provided registered level partner
  • Use of APN logo
  • Company Profile on Partner Solutions Finder
  • Access to training funding as well as APN marketing central

Generally offered to companies who are using their services to market some product where their service was used.


Requirements for Advanced users for AWS Consulting Partner

  • APN Programming fees:-$2500/year
  • AWS Billings:-$50,000
  • AWS Accreditation up to TCO and Cloud Economics
  • AWS Certification up to a professional level


  • All benefits provided to the standard level
  • Eligible for additional proof of concept Funding
  • Eligible for Market Development Funding

They are provided to companies which have been using their products for some determined time.



Same requirements as advanced with the only difference being the number of certifications for AWS is more than the one needed for advanced


  • All the benefits which were provided to advanced level partners
  • Eligible for AWS-written case studies
  • 2 weeks of free AWS Professional services for qualified enterprise opportunities
  • Eligible for additional market development funding
  • Named AWS Partner Account Manager

Becoming an AWS consulting partner is a great way for the person to learn how AWS is actually working which is very helpful since it is a new cloud service which many companies have started to use. One of the premium benefits that AWS offers is the highly customizable solutions that it offers along with their 24X7 support. You just need to pay for all the resources that you are consuming and you can discontinue the services whenever you wish.