3D Optical Measurement

What Is 3D Optical Measurement And Where Is It Used?


3D Optical Measurement is machines that are rapidly replacing ordinary gauges and other measuring systems in the industry. They work so dynamically because of accuracy and have much shorter measuring periods. They also capture more detail and the sensors help to recreate a 3D object that is so precise, it is used in industry at so many levels.

The 3D sensors are used to capture data in sheet metal works, injection moulded products, pressure die-cast products, tools, turbines, blades and many prototypes. At Physical Digital there are many different types of 3D technologies and scanner. The Triple Scan system operates by scanning 32 million measuring points for every scan.

The shape and dimensional analysis are imperative in an industry as it means the product will display accuracy. This is vital in increasing production and improving profits.

The Capsule scanner is used to digitally read the very contours of a product. The Capsule Scanner tends to be used in small car parts, machine tools, automotive metals and other hand-held products that are not re-engineered on a massive scale.

The Optical 3D Scanner Core measures data for inspection and tight measuring. It is a mobile measuring device and can be taken around in a small case. It is small enough to leave on the desktop and supports automation processes.

The 3D Optical Measurement Compact Scanner offers a great deal of flexibility. It changes its lenses very quickly and can scan huge structures up to several metres long.

3D Optical Measurement Used in Quality Control

Physical Digital systems return exact data about the variations between the CAD data and the physical 3D product. The software contains detailed information like trimmings and the various positions of holes.

The Triple Scan Principle

To begin with: patterns are projected onto a surface of an object. The camera beams along a path it already knows (along with the projector). To achieve this technology, it must be calibrated using dynamic referencing.

Dynamic Referencing in 3D Optical Measuring

There is a combination of two cameras and a projector that will scan the product with due diligence. Its aim is to detect the part and any movement it makes.

It then verifies the measurement accuracy and quality of the product. It then identifies any minute changes in the environment of the product. At all stages of the 3D scan, there are online tracking of the sensor positions.

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