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What Are The Prime Genres In Html5 Game Development


Recently the gaming industry has got largely influenced by the growing popularity of HTML5. The platform of HTML5 has brought in innovation and convenience in the space of game development as a whole. HTML5 Game development also serves as a superior design platform and has replaced Flash in this regard. Holding a matured position in the gaming ecosystem, it offers a better and worthy alternative. The reputation of HTML5 game development lies in its cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. It has got an attractive feature of dynamic updates which distinguishes it from it’s contemporaries.

You can consult a reputed HTML5 game development company for creating cross-platform games that can attract avid gamers within a short time span. WebGL, a Javascript API, used for creating graphics is apt for games developed using high-end technologies.

Using HTML5 game development services, you can make games which are flexible to run on multiple platforms.

Let us go through some popular genres of HTML5 games which can make your gaming experience everlasting.

Winfie: This game created by us using HTML5 belongs to the genre of Running. You can live your fantasy life in playing this game and can win big. Avid gamers can win Grand Virtual prizes if they can complete a level by overcoming obstacles similar to those in real life. The prize will become more prestigious if you can complete higher levels of difficulties. To make the game immersive we have created options through which you can select an AVATAR of your choice to play along.

With floating obstacles, this game will offer you continuous path which you can make smooth by tapping or can even switch in Ninja mode to jump over the hurdles.

Your game will get over once you collide with an obstacle.

This game is truly challenging and you can have endless fun in exploring the game more by successfully completing the degrees of difficulties.

Teen Patti: This game has been created using HTML5 platform and it belongs to the Casino genre. People who love gambling find this game highly interactive and engrossing. The players will have opportunities to win virtual cash by playing it.

This is in fact an Indian version of Poker, which is being played with 3 cards. It is also known by the name of Flush or Flash. A table of Teen Patti can accommodate players upto 5. Players will have winning chances depending upon their moves and cards.

This game is purely addictive and can attract those who love gambling. The ranking of the cards from high to low in this game are:

  • Trail or set (three cards of same rank)
  • Pure Sequence (straight flush or run)
  • Sequence (straight or run)
  • Colour (flush)
  • Pair (2 cards of same rank)
  • High Card

Warfie: This is an HTML5 based game developed by us in the casual genre. This game is a stress buster and fun oriented. It will make the gamers smile and will help them in removing stress from life. Here the players can upload the pictures of their villains and can enjoy virtual glee by targeting fun assets at them. This can be done with the slide and release of your finger.

This game is capable in making the gamers engrossed till the last. It is an interesting one where players can release their stress and can smile once they can successfully complete it.

HTML5 game development is being launched by established brands like Facebook, Google and Apple. As a result, it gains tremendous support from the market leaders with respect to its reach among the gamers from all corners of the globe. HTML5 game development company makes games which are compatible on desktop, tablet, or any other mobile technologies. Here the animation and graphics remain unchanged irrespective of the platforms. The flexibility of using modern technologies in HTML5 game development services makes it easy for the developers to use it.

With browsers getting better and advanced, HTML5 games have become a huge craze in the game development circuit. In fact it has gained the prestige of becoming the future of gaming on touch devices. The technological ecosystem with HTML5 has got transformed drastically and has made game development all the more fascinating and exciting.

The games created by us using HTML5 platform have all elements of immersiveness and dynamism for attracting and retaining players. AR and VR techniques are being used extensively in HTML5 games for making the players stick to their desired games. The compatibility and flexibility of HTML5 games are becoming popular among both developers and gamers. This has resulted in making it one of the most sought after in the game development arena.

Arup Roy

Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a prominent HTML5 game development company. The game development services offered by this organization are unique and can cater to the varied demands of the gamers all over the world.
Arup Roy

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Arup Roy
Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a prominent HTML5 game development company. The game development services offered by this organization are unique and can cater to the varied demands of the gamers all over the world.

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