Image Annotation

What are the Applications of Image Annotation Services?


Image annotation helps to provide an understandable data for machines and computer vision to recognize the objects and its dimensions or attributes, so that they can easily identify the same object without human intervention. Actually, the annotated images works as training data for machine learning to train the systems and develop an automated model.

Image Annotate

The applications of Image annotations are directly or indirectly increasing into many fields with amazing results. From healthcare to ecommerce, retail and agriculture this technology has many roles into different fields and subfields. So, let’s find out what the applications of image annotation are and how it is used into various fields.

Types of Image Annotation Services:

  • Image Annotation & Tagging
  • Bounding Box Annotation
  • Polygonal Annotation
  • Line & Splines Annotation
  • Point & Dot Annotation
  • Landmark Annotation
  • Cuboid Annotation
  • Poly Mask Annotation
  • Contour Annotation
  • Pixel Level Semantic Segmentation
  • Object Recognition & Classification services

Actually, these are the types of image annotation services used at the time of annotating the objects in the pictures. And each annotation has its own style and techniques of marking the object into the image to make it recognizable for machines. All types of image annotation has applications into various industries, annotators use the most suitable one as per the need of the AI developers or machine learning trainers to use the annotated image data properly.

Applications of Image Annotations:

  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Self-driving Cars
  • Mapping & Satellites
  • Robotics & Drones
  • Healthcare & Medicine
  • Agriculture Technology

Image annotation has wide applications into multiple fields, and further it is expanding its footprints into other sub-fields to allow developers integrate the AI-enabled technologies to automate the systems with precise results. And to get such quality results you need the right and high-quality data sets to train the machines and build the right business applications.

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Cogito is the company you can outsource image annotation service to get annotated images as per your requirements. It is also providing the training data sets for machine learning and artificial intelligence with best accuracy and quality for multiple industries. Cogito provides image annotation service for healthcare, ecommerce, automobile and agriculture etc.

Advantages of Image Annotation with Cogito:

  • Data Collection and Classification Service
  • High-quality Data Sets for Machine Learning
  • Timely Delivery of Projects of Annotated Images
  • Use of Advance Tools for Precise Annotations
  • Scalable Solution for High-volume Data Needs
  • Cost-effective and Flexible Pricing Model
  • Highly-trained Annotators and Skilled Team
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