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Ways To Overcome Mother Tongue Influence While Learning English


Ever came across a person who tries hard to communicate in English, but his mother tongue tone find hard for you to understand? Well, many individuals have a strong MTI, mainly belonging to the southern part of India. Not only Indians, but overseas people to have MTI problem while speaking in English. One of the biggest challenges in teaching or learning a second or foreign language is to master the sound pattern. It is quite challenging to remove MTI while speaking in English, especially if born and bought up in the specific remote region.

Why does MTI Happen?

The common language we speak with our family is our mother tongue. The tone and the speech pattern stays in your brain. Every language has a specific way of pronouncing words and peculiar sound specific. When we speak this language right from our birth, the tone stays with us.

However, if we start talking the second language along with mother tongue from childhood, we easily retain the flexibility of uttering sounds from different language systems. Bilingual face kids don’t have MTI issue because their brain is trained to have the flexibility. 

So how you can overcome MTI problem while speaking English?

To facilitate the removal of MTI while speaking in English, it is vital that you take up a regular course session. There are Spoken English in gurgaon offering training to make your language perfect in all sense.  You need to consciously spend time to articulate English sounds to improve the pronunciation in English. 

1. Learn to pronounce sounds in Isolation: –

Different languages pronounce similar sounds differently. One of the reasons why the grammatically correct speech of non-native speaker sound unnatural is because the persons use pronunciation habits of his mother tongue. One of the best to establish correct pronunciation is to train pronouncing sounds in isolation, thus eliminating interference and following sounds in speech.

2. Taking up the online class: –

One of the best ways to make your MTI issue solved is by taking up professional assistance. The English Speaking Course in Gurgaon allows you to speak confidently and eliminate the MTI problem. While communicating with the trainer, you go beyond the basic understanding of the English language.  The more you talk with the trainer, the more you get your English better.

3. Full Immersion: –

One of the ways to overcome the MTI problem while speaking English is to fully immerse into the linguistic and cultural environment of the target language. If not possible, then check out some resources of the target language like books and reading newspaper verbally.

Take the assistance of an expert trainer who can help you in getting the right reading material.  Another best way is to keep communicating in English with the right tone with colleagues. This further boosts the process of overcoming the MTI issue. 

4. Bilingual Practice

There are many different types of bilingual practices following the same idea, like building connections between two languages deeper than a mechanical word-for-word translation of sentences. For instance, if you translate short passages between two languages, it can be turned into a creative exercise.

This will allow the learner to be free in using words to make the result sound as natural. The bilingual practice is certainly the best way to encourage MTI free English speaking.

Conclusion: –

The process of overcoming the MTI issue while speaking English is not overnight. The process takes time because you have been following the root of your mother tongue, the tone of which won’t go easily. Daily practice from professionals certainly adds to your learning process.

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